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Thursday, December 27, 2012

2112 Re-enters the Billboard Top 200 Album List

Super deluxe CD/BD reissue of 2112
With the re-release of Rush's classic album 2112 in a Deluxe remastered package last week, the album has re-entered the Billboard Top 200 Album List, coming in at position #138.

The Deluxe Remastered edition of 2112 includes:

• 2112 remastered in 5.1 and released on CD, DVD and Blu-Ray disc.
• 40-page comic book by story artist Tom Hodges (“Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” The Simpson’s “Treehouse of Horrors #17”).
• Expanded artwork, liner notes, lyrics and unreleased photos.
• Brand new liner notes by David Fricke, Rolling Stone.

There are three versions of the Deluxe edition of 2112 available for pre-order on

  • 2112 [CD + Audio DVD Deluxe Edition] - $19.88
  • 2112 [CD + Audio Blu-Ray Deluxe Edition] - $28.27
  • 2112 [CD + Audio Blu-Ray SUPER Deluxe Edition] - $56.82

    To view the complete liner notes, images and comics from the Super Deluxe Edition of 2112, click HERE.

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    Saturday, December 22, 2012

    Eddie Trunk Interviews Alex Lifeson on his Holiday Rush Radio Special

    Eddie Trunk Interviews Alex Lifeson on his Holiday Rush Radio Special
    Eddie Trunk and Mike Portnoy hosted the first-ever Holiday Rush Radio Special during the Friday Night Rocks segment from New York City's Q104.3. The special, which aired live last night for three hours from 11pm, was created to commemorate "Rush Day".

    In addition to discussions between Eddie and Mike, and numerous Rush songs being played, the highlight of the radio special was a 35+ minute phone interview with Alex Lifeson. During the interview, Alex talked about the Clockwork Angels album and tour, the new 2112 Deluxe Edition package, and Rush's future including their upcoming 40th anniversary.

    While Alex didn't reveal any specifics, it appears that the band has already made tentative plans well into 2014.

    You can listen to most of the 3-hour special via this LINK or the embedded player below.

    Thanks to Ed from RushIsABand for the links.

    Friday, December 21, 2012

    Holiday Rush Sled Race - Happy Holidays!

    Clearly a year that will go down in Rush history. Between the release of their critically acclaimed concept album Clockwork Angels to the beginnings of their sold-out world tour to their nomination and induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame - 2012 has certainly been a good year for Rush and Rush fans alike.

    To help ring in the 2012 Holiday Season, I've created a Rush-infused Sled Race video; fitting for three boys from the Great White North, wouldn't you agree? ☺

    If the video does not appear in the player below, you can also view it at this LINK.

    May the new year bring you peace, joy and happiness. 
    Happy Holidays, everyone! 

    Thursday, December 20, 2012

    Clockwork Angels Named Top Album of 2012 by T-MAK World

    Clockwork Angels Named Top Album of 2012 by T-MAK World
    In their annual ranking of the top albums of the year, T-MAK World, Toronto's site for music, movies and culture has named Rush's Clockwork Angels as the top album of 2012.

    Here's what the site had to say about Rush's latest release:
    Hometown heroes Rush keep on going strong - not only did they get inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012 they also released one of the best records of their career. Clockwork Angels is the band at its hard rocking best. The record is a concept album based on a steampunk world full of alchemy and magic. Society is ruled by the loving Watchmaker that dictates every move of his citizens. The Watchmaker has an opponent known as The Anarchist who likes to disrupt the perfect order of the world. In essence the album (and subsequent book) is based on a classic struggle of order and chaos and questions which one is better for humanity.

    Bassist/Vocalist Geddy Lee, guitarist Alex Lifeson, and drummer Neil Peart are widely regarded as the best in the world (or near the top of all "best of" lists) at their respective instruments but together they are so tight on this record its incredible. It's hard to pick highlight songs on this album so just listen to it all end to end (many times). There was no doubt for me what my favourite record of the year was from the first moment I heard it and stands along Moving Pictures as exclamation points in Rush's career. Rush played Toronto on October 14 and 16 2012 and you can read a review of that show here.
    Clockwork Angels beat out Neil Young & Crazy Horse's Psychedelic Pill at the #2 spot and Van Halen's A Different Kind of Truth coming in at #3.

    Click HERE to view the entire Top 10 list.

    Thanks to Terry Makedon for passing along the news.

    Celebrate International Rush Day with Rush Day YouTube Channel

    International Rush Day - 2012
    December 21st is upon us and, outside of the coming apocalypse, 21/12 has always been celebrated as 'International Rush Day'. This year, there is a special celebration worthy of mentioning.

    A group of Rush fans have created a special "Rush Day" YouTube Channel which contains tribute covers of numerous Rush songs; all performed on their instruments of choice. There are over twenty amateur artists who have submitted their videos which were created specifically for this "Rush Day" channel.

    The videos will online on December 21st. You can tune in via this LINK. Below is an introductory video for the channel.

    Thanks to Martin Ford and Ben King for passing along the news.

    Tuesday, December 18, 2012

    Rush Nominated for Two Q104.3 "The Year That Rocked" Awards

    Q104.3 Year That Rocked Awards 2012
    Update: (01/07/2013): The votes are in and Rush won in both categories they were nominated in. Click HERE for all the results. Thanks Rich Rhodes for the info!
    New York City's Rock Station Q104.3 has launched their first-annual Q104.3's The Year that Rocked Awards for 2012. Rush has been nominated in two categories - Classic Rock Album of the Year for Clockwork Angels and Best Live Performance for their Clockwork Angels World Tour.

    Voting for each category is open to the online public and available at this LINK. Voting will continue through the morning of 12/31. The winners will then be announced later that day.

    Many thanks to Alexis Greenan, the Interactive Producer for Q104.3 for passing along the news.

    Monday, December 17, 2012

    Author VIP Editions of Clockwork Angels: The Novel Up for Auction

    Rush: Clockwork Angels Novel by Kevin J. Anderson
    Kevin J. Anderson, the author of Clockwork Angels: The Novel is auctioning off two "ultra-rare" copies of the novel.

    The copies for sale are #107 and #110 (out of 150). Neither copy were ever made available for sale to the public, are signed by both Kevin and Neil Peart, and come directly from Kevin J. Anderson himself. Also, similar to the 'Silver Edition' novels offered up a few months back, these novels come in beautiful slip-covers and arrive shrink-wrapped.

    Kevin is auctioning off these rare novels to help support his friend Sean who is battling Brittle Bone Disease. For complete information on this auction, please click HERE.

    In addition to the auction, those willing to donate to the cause may do so via PayPal by using this email address:

    Thanks to Tracy Mangum for providing the information.

    Rush Reference on Saturday Night Live

    Rush Reference on SNL
    The December 15th airing of NBC's long-running Saturday Night Live included a Rush reference during the Weekend Update segment of the show.

    "Anchorman" Seth Myers talked about the recent Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction announcement, indicating that Donna Summer, Rush and Public Enemy were part of the Class of 2013 inductees. A insert photo of the three artists was then displayed as Myers joked "Who are those other two?" said the fans of any one of them.

    We're still waiting to get a video of the segment. In the mean time, a screen capture is available at this LINK.

    Thanks to everyone who alerted me to this news and to Ed from RushIsABand for the screen capture.

    Friday, December 14, 2012

    Neil Peart News, Weather, and Sports Update - December 2012 - "Adventures in the Wild West"

    Neil Peart News, Weather, and Sports Update - December 2012
    Neil Peart has posted another updated to the "News, Weather, and Sports" section of his website. In this December 2012 entry, titled "Adventures in the Wild West", Neil discusses his motorcycle travels during the third leg of Rush's Clockwork Angels tour which primarily took place during the month of November. The dates during that leg, as the title of this entry suggests, took place in Seattle, California, Nevada, Arizona and finally Texas. On the subject of riding through Texas, Neil had this to say:
    Texas truly is a country unto itself, beyond all the clich├ęs, and its people are equally varied and unique. For example, it still remains true that rural Texans are the most courteous drivers in the country, perhaps in the world. Riding the two-lanes (which Brian was also delighted to see posted at 70 mph), cars, pickups, and larger trucks will pull right onto the shoulder as you overtake them. Sometimes you’re not even thinking about passing them yet, but are willing to cruise behind them for a bit, but when they pull over like that, you feel you have to go by — always with a big wave.

    Some readers might be surprised to learn that law enforcement is equally relaxed in Texas — especially compared to police states like, say, Ohio. In maybe 20,000 miles of riding in Texas over the years (over 2,000 just that week), I only remember being pulled over once — back in ’97 with Brutus. Even then, the officer was friendly and let us go with a warning. Generally, if you respect the towns and villages, as we always do, you’re not going to have a problem on the open roads. I have never encountered a speed trap in Texas, except on the interstate — and those speed limits are so high (80 on the long rural stretches), you’ve got to be pushing pretty hard to get into trouble even there.
    I'll have to make a note about driving through Texas one of these days :)

    Neil also discussed, somewhat briefly, the final dates in the 2012 leg of Rush's Clockwork Angels tour and, in particular, the final date in Houston:
    After thirty-five shows, and 13,632 motorcycle miles, we finished the Houston show on a very high note, so to speak. The performance itself felt triumphant, and after, we gathered with the stringers for a champagne celebration. It was the first time I stayed after a show on the whole tour, and a couple of the stringers joked that they were used to seeing me as a blur on my sprint to the bus.

    A few nights earlier, when we were filming some shows for an eventual concert DVD, director Dale had a cameraman trying to capture my flight. He caught a comment from a female security guard, an older lady with a broad New York City accent. She turned in amazement as I ran past, and gasped,

    “Oh my god! He runs faster than Britney Spears! And she was running full out!”

    But on this night I stayed behind, and raised a glass to my bandmates — all ten of them! Geddy proposed a toast to the stringers, and said that not only did we love their contributions musically, and the energy they brought to their performance, but they were fun to hang out with, too.

    He nodded toward me, and said, “I’ve never seen him so happy on a tour! He’s been . . . Mr. Goodvibe!”
    To read the entire entry, click HERE.

    And to check out every News, Weather, and Sports entry Neil has made dating back to 2005, they are all available at the News, Weather, and Sports Archives.

    Rush to Release iBook for 2112

    Super deluxe CD/BD reissue of 2112
    Rush have just announced that, in addition to the Deluxe reissue of their classic album 2112 in 5.1, they will also be releasing their first-ever ibook. From the announcement:
    On December 18, 2012, RUSH will release their first ever iBook for 2112. The iBook will consist of unpublished pictures, black and white ink art and pencil sketches for every comic book cell, and preview music for the newly remastered Mastered for iTunes (mFit) audio of 2112 with 3 bonus live tracks.

    Originally released in 1976, 2112 was the creative and commercial breakthrough album. With lyrics written by Neil Peart, 2112 kicks off with the ambitious seven-suite title track (originally side one), set in a futuristic world run by the “Priests of the Temples of Syrinx” who regulate “every single facet of every life,” which includes books, music, work and play. “2112” conveys the story of humanity’s instinctual, inner need for one’s free will.

    iBook content includes:

    • 40-page comic book by story artist Tom Hodges (“Star Wars -The Clone Wars,” The Simpson’s “Treehouse of Horrors #17?)
    • Unpublished pictures
    • Black and white ink art and pencil sketches for every comic book cell
    • Preview of the remastered audio of 2112
    • Expanded artwork, liner notes, lyrics and unreleased photos
    • Brand new liner notes by David Fricke, Rolling Stone
    There are three versions of the Deluxe edition of 2112 available for pre-order on

  • 2112 [CD + Audio DVD Deluxe Edition] - $19.88
  • 2112 [CD + Audio Blu-Ray Deluxe Edition] - $28.27
  • 2112 [CD + Audio Blu-Ray SUPER Deluxe Edition] - $56.82

    All versions of 2112 will be released on December 18th.

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    Tuesday, December 11, 2012

    Rush Inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2013

    Rush Nominated to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
    Update (12/12/2012): Smashing Pumpkin's frontman Billy Corgan comments on Rush's induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Click HERE to view the video. Thanks Steve Pavlopoulos!
    Update (8:00pm EST): Click HERE for the video of the induction announcement.
    Update (4:45pm EST): Geddy Lee discusses the induction during a phone interview with Rolling Stone Magazine.
    Update (4:30pm EST): Alex Lifeson commented on the induction during a phone interview:
    "First of all, it's all water under the bridge and it was a very tiny bridge," he said in a phone interview from his home in Toronto. "I think our fans are more upset than we were because they feel a real bond to this band and it's been an important part of their lives in some form, and to be snubbed was snubbing them at the same time."

    “Perhaps there were times when I thought if this ever happens I'm not going to bother going, or who cares or whatever, but at the end of the day positive karma is an important thing and this is an important thing to a lot of our fans and people we know."

    Update (3:00pm EST): Rush have just posted their official statement regarding the induction:
    “We are honored to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The 3 of us are especially appreciative of our loyal fans whose support and dedication has gone a long way to making this possible. P.S. And special thanks to our moms for voting 6000 times!” – Alex, Geddy, & Neil

    The first time is the charm, apparently. After finally being nominated for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame earlier this year, Rush was officially selected for induction into the Hall's Class of 2013 as announced during a ceremony at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles. The Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea announced all of the performers who made up the Rock Hall’s Class of 2013.

    In addition to Rush, the late Donna Summer, Public Enemy, Heart, Randy Newman, Quincy Jones, Lou Adler and Albert King were also inducted. For more information, click here. A video of the induction announcement is expected to be online later today. We'll have links posted here once they become available.

    Geddy Lee commented on the induction:
    "It's a terrific honor and we'll show up smiling," Rush's singer and bassist, Geddy Lee, tells Rolling Stone. "It made my mom happy, so that's worth it." Lee is especially happy for Rush's army of hardcore fans. "It was a cause they championed," he says. "I'm very relieved for them and we share this honor with them, for sure."
    The official induction ceremony will take place April 28, 2013 with tickets going on sale January 25th.

    The history of Rush and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame dates back to 1999, when the band was first eligible for induction into the Hall (25 years after the release of their first album). With each year that passed without a nomination, Rush fans the world-over voiced their outrage louder and louder.

    As the years went by, many musicians and critics alike also voiced their bewilderment at Rush's exclusion from the Hall of Fame. However, along with the camp of fans and others whom insisted that Rush deserved to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, there were others who were just fine with Rush's exclusion. "Rush is too good for the Hall of Fame" became the war cry of that faction of fans, and with good cause. For years, the induction committee not only snubbed Rush, but inducted other so-called "Rock & Roll" acts that arguably did not deserve the status of "Hall of Famer", let alone being labeled as "Rock & Roll".

    However, whether you believe that Rush belongs in the Hall or not, the point is now moot. They're in and we congratulate them on this latest accolade and recognition. If nothing else, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame just added a little more class to their establishment.
    Congratulations Geddy, Alex and Neil and all those associated with the mighty ROCK band RUSH.

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    Sunday, December 9, 2012

    Liquid RUSH: Digging into Alex Lifeson's Wine Cellar

    Episode #70 of the Drink Bravely with Mark Oldman web series features an inside look at Alex Lifeson's personal wine cellar. From Mark's site:
    Mere days before we learn if legendary rockers RUSH will finally be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Mark provides another exclusive glimpse into the diverse wine cellar of guru guitarist Alex Lifeson. Alex reveals his penchant for Syrah-based reds from Australia and France, Madeira from Portugal, and even Aquavit from Scandinavia.
    You can view the video entry at this LINK or via the player below:

    This isn't the first time Oldman featured Rush in one of his web series videos. Back in 2010, he also featured Alex in a video discussing Geddy & Alex's week-long winemaker internships they took in at the Joseph Phelps Winery and at Turley Wine Cellars.

    Thanks to reader Alf Philips for the news!

    Thursday, December 6, 2012

    Classic Rock Magazine's Band of the Year Features Rush

    Classic Rock Magazine January 2013
    Upate (12/07/2012): You can now read the entire article on Rush at this LINK.
    The United Kingdom's Classic Rock Magazine has just announced that their latest issue will be released with a "quintet of different front covers", one of which features Rush. This is in connection with their selection of the Band of the Year for 2012.

    From Classic Rock:
    Led Zeppelin… Rush… the Rolling Stones… Black Country Communion… Rivals Sons… But which is really Band Of The Year?

    The greatest albums, bands, gigs, bust-ups and more. This is what rocked our year…

    The new issue of Classic Rock is dedicated to The Best Of 2012: the ultimate review of the past 12 months. The Albums Of The Year. The Songs Of The Year. The Stories Of The Year. And, most importantly, The Bands Of The Year!

    We’ve produced five different front covers featuring Led Zeppelin, Rush, the Rolling Stones, Black Country Communion and Rival Sons. Each is a worthy candidate for the honour of Band Of The Year. But who will ultimately wear the crown?
    And regarding Rush, they had this blurb:
    Rush – The Canadians have delivered one of the finest albums of their career, but there has been tragedy as well as triumph.
    Click HERE for a larger view of the cover featuring Rush and click HERE for complete information on this issue.

    The magazine is on sale now. Ordering instructions are available HERE.

    Rush Confirms North American Clockwork Angels Tour for 2013

    Rush Clockwork Angels Tour
    It's official. Rush have formally announced the continuation of their Clockwork Angels tour through North America next year. The band just posted this on their website:
    Thanks to all the fans who came out to see the Clockwork Angels Tour 2012! It was an amazing run - from the Clockwork Angels String Ensemble, the filming in Dallas & Phoenix, and YOU. It proved, once again, how dedicated and loyal the Rush fans are and are such a part of the overall show. Europe, are you ready? Clockwork Angels 2013 in Europe is on sale now. And just because we had such a good time, we are now making plans for more dates in the spring and summer of 2013 in North America - so stay tuned for more announcements. Looking forward to seeing you out on the road again soon!
    Great news, indeed! Unfortunately no mention of dates in Latin/South America in 2013 were part of the announcement this time out, but hopefully the band will shed some light on possible dates in those areas soon.

    We'll have more information as it becomes available.

    Wednesday, December 5, 2012

    Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2013 Inductees to be Announced on December 11th

    Rush Nominated to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
    Update: According to this article, the induction announcement will take place at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles this Tuesday at 11 a.m. PT.

    Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea will announce the respected performers who will make up the Rock Hall’s Class of 2013.
    It's been almost two months since fans across the globe were stunned when the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame announced the Class of 2013 nominations which included, at long last, Rush along with fourteen other nominees. Along with the nomination, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame instituted another first; a fan ballot allowing people to vote via an online poll. The results of the online poll, which Rush dominated, would count as one single vote towards the overall count for induction.

    However that one vote, which Rush obtained, would be counted along with votes from approximately 600 members who make up the voting committee for the Hall of Fame. One of those members, music critic Michael Norman, indicated that he voted for Rush as revealed in this Cleveland Plain Dealer article.

    So the votes are now all in and, according to the new President and CEO of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Greg Harris, the five or six members of the 2013 Class of Inductees will be announced via a press conference which will be held next Tuesday, December 11th. Harris made the announcement during an interview on on Cleveland's Magic 105.7 earlier today.

    Finally, the Future Rock Legends site made their annual predictions about who would be inducted. Here's what they had to say about this year's nominees:
    This is the seventh year of the Future Rock Legends induction poll, which mimics the voting on the Rock Hall ballot. Every year, the top vote-getter in our poll has been inducted, but we have never felt less confident that the results of our poll have any correlation to the results of the Voting Committee. But our bet is that the Rock Hall won't give the middle finger to all of the fans by snubbing Rush in the same year they start an official fan poll that Rush absolutely dominated. (Deep Purple is the other overwhelming fan favorite in the polls, but it just doesn't seem possible both Rush and Purple would be inducted in the same year.)
    So there you have it. Will Rush be inducted after receiving their first nomination? We'll know soon enough.

    Thanks to Ed from RushIsABand for the news.

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    Rush for Robe on Clockwork Angels Lighting Feature - 2013 North American Tour Confirmed?

    Clockwork Angels: The Watchmaker's Edition
    A new article from Robe Lighting regarding the extensive lighting arrangements for Rush's Clockwork Angels tour was just published on the Robe website. The article discusses Rush's lighting and show designer Howard Ungerleider's concepts for the show and how it was accomplished by ROBE:
    Toronto-based Howard explains that they let him “Run wild” with the concepts and are extremely supportive of his ideas, as well as very appreciative of the ‘art’ in lighting. With this creative freedom, he has evolved many spectacular and surreal spaces in which they have performed, allowing – by now – several generations of fans to enjoy their music live.
    However, the most intriguing aspect of this news story is the apparent confirmation that there will be a North American tour in 2013. The article ends with the following statement:
    The tour continues in the U.S. into Spring 2013 and is then scheduled to visit Europe before returning to North America for the rest of the summer, when it will have been on the road for a year.
    Given that the band is scheduled to perform in Europe in May of 2013, it's seeming more and more likely that additional North American dates will be announced soon. Some speculation and reports suggest that there will be dates both before and after the European leg and the statement above seems to align with those speculations.

    Hopefully the band will make a formal announcement soon.

    You can read the entire article via this LINK.

    Thanks to Eric from Power Windows for the article.

    Monday, December 3, 2012

    Clockwork Angels: The Watchmaker's Edition Coming March 1st

    Clockwork Angels: The Watchmaker's Edition
    Brilliance Audio has just announced that a special "Watchmaker's" edition of Clockwork Angels: The Novel will be released on March 1st, 2013.

    From the website:
    Clockwork Angels: The Watchmaker’s Edition features the unabridged audiobook edition of Clockwork Angels, a novel by bestselling science fiction author Kevin J. Anderson, based on the new concept album by the legendary rock band Rush. This compelling steampunk adventure is read by Rush drummer and lyricist Neil Peart, who first conceived the story for the band’s latest release. This special edition features the complete, unabridged audiobook packaged in a unique, working upright clock tower designed by the band’s album cover artist, Hugh Syme. Intricately themed and largely handmade, this is a beautiful and functional design piece that will be a must-have for Rush fans and steampunkers alike.
    There was some confusion surrounding the release date of this item as several online stores indicated that the release date had already passed. Author Kevin J. Anderson, however, tweeted and confirmed that the release date was March 1st of next year. Kevin also tweeted that he and artist Hugh Syme created "...a special companion booklet..." for this edition of the novel.

    You can pre-order Clockwork Angels: The Watchmaker's Edition via this LINK.

    Thanks to Eric from Power Windows for the news.

    Rush Clockwork Angels Tour Update: 2012 Leg Now Complete

    Rush Clockwork Angels TourRush Clockwork Angels Tour
    Last night, before another sold-out crowd at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, Rush closed out the 2012 leg of their Clockwork Angels world tour. The tour began back on September 7th in Manchester, New Hampshire and spanned a total of 35 dates across the United States and Canada.

    As we've been reporting since the tour began, Rush continued to keep things fresh by shuffling the set list each night; adding and dropping songs along a somewhat predictable path. All of the set list changes are available HERE.

    Rush will now break for nearly five months before resuming the tour next year on May 22nd in Manchester, England. They are currently scheduled to play ten dates across Europe in 2013. There have been numerous rumors indicating that the band will also continue the tour during the Summer of 2013 across the U.S. and Canada as well, or perhaps play some dates prior to the trip across the pond. Talk of dates in Latin and/or South America continue to surface as well, but until the band formally announces additional dates in 2013, all news should be taken strictly as a rumor.

    Fantastic photos from every show during the 2012 leg are available on the Tour Dates page. Thanks to everyone who donated pictures to the site.

    For a complete list of the past and confirmed upcoming tour dates and the current set list for the Clockwork Angels tour, please visit the site's Tour Info page.

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    Rush 2112 Reference on Fox's American Dad

    Sunday night's episode of American Dad including several Rush references throughout the episode. The episode, titled Error Guitar (Season 8, Episode 5), opens with Steve and Snot air-guitaring to 2112: Overture in their garage.

    Later, Stan (Steve's father) and Snot are air-guitaring to 2112 once again. In addition, a house/apartment seen in the episode has the #2112 on it.

    You can view the opening air-guitar clip at this LINK or via the viewer below.

    While this is the first Rush reference in an episode of American Dad, it's not the first time one has appeared in a Seth MacFarlane series. Back in November of 2006, Tom Sawyer was playing in the background of a scene with Chester Cheetah while he proclaimed that "There is no *^&$#*@ better drummer than Neil Peart". See the clip HERE.

    Then in an episode that aired in January of 2007, a 2112 sighting was spotted on a billboard. Click HERE to view a screen capture from the episode.

    Thanks to everyone who sent in the news from last night's lastest sighting!

    Neil Peart Jet City Interview Now Online

    Rush Reference on The Colbert Report
    Jet City, the Seattle-based digital radio station, has posted a new interview with Neil Peart online at this location. The inteview was conducted by Michael Shrieve for his Notes from the Field program.

    This 40+ minute interview, which was originally conducted backstage at Seattle's Key Arena on November 13th during a stop on the band's Clockwork Angels Tour, centers around a number of topics including, of course, drumming, books and more.

    You can listen to the entire interview at this LINK.

    Thanks to RushFanForever for passing along the news.

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