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LERXST Launches Limelight – The Alex Lifeson Limited-Edition Signature Guitar

Alex Lifeson and Lerxst have just announced the launch of Limelight, a new signature guitar created in partnership with Canadian manufacturers Godin Guitars. Inspired by Lifeson’s iconic Hentor Sportscaster guitars from the mid-80s, Limelight thoroughly reimagines Lifeson’s original concept with modern part selection and craftsmanship to create a high-quality, forward-thinking instrument designed for today’s players. “The original Hentor brought together a mix of tone and playability that empowered me to explore sounds and styles of playing that I had never attempted before,” said Lifeson. “Ultimately these things became signature parts of my style. When the idea came to reimagine this guitar it made sense to partner with innovators like Godin who I knew I could trust to utilize the advances in technology and manufacturing skill to create something that could power a new generation of players looking to push their own boundaries.” The Lerxst Limelight features a contoured Swamp A

Alex Lifeson talks Lerxst Amps, making music with Geddy, and more in a new Ultimate Guitar interview

With the release of his new line of Lerxst Amps , Alex Lifeson has been hitting the promotion interview trail. Recently he connected with Ultimate Guitar's Greg Prato for an 18+ minute interview where the topics extended to his performance on the Taylor Hawkins tribute concerts, his signature Epiphone Les Paul guitar, and why he picked Gibson over Fender back in the day. Of course the conversation did touch upon the possibility of making music with Geddy Lee in the future: ... I don't know. There's certainly a lot of interest in us doing something. I think for a lot of Rush fans, they've been hoping for ... Geddy had his book tour. I went out on a few of those dates with him. I think that's kind of sparked more interest in us working together. Ged's a very busy guy. He's written a couple of books over the years. He has a lot of stuff that he's into. This is my studio in my apartment. I've been working on the Envy of None stuff as well as a few

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