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Rush Release Official 'The Wreckers' Music / Lyric Video

Rush has just released a new lyric-filled music video of "The Wreckers"; the latest single off of Clockwork Angels.

This follows the similarly released lyric-filled video for the first (third) single from the album "Headlong Flight".

The video for "The Wreckers" can be viewed via the player below or directly at this LINK. Thanks to reader Mike Sword for the heads up on the video.

Geddy a Bit Giddy as Rush Hit 20

United Kingdom's The Star has just posted a new article/interview with Geddy Lee titled Geddy a Bit Giddy as Rush Hit 20. The '20' of course refers to the band's 20th studio album.

Here's an excerpt from the article: “When we came back to recording we had a feel for how we were playing on tour so solidly in our mind we wanted to achieve that on the album. We felt we were really on top of our game on the last tour and hit a new level of interaction between the three of us. That was very much on our mind when we wrote the rest of the album. It was a reflection of what we had learned.”

And they didn’t skimp on content. At more than 66 minutes long, it is about double the length of early albums. Then this is a band that seek to create a musical event rather than a helping of music.

“We’re pretty long-winded and it’s hard to shut us up when we get going on something,” grins Geddy. “It just seemed this album had moments that needed fleshing out. We didn’t really watc…

Clockwork Angels Charting Update - Week #11

After falling out of the Top 100 of Billboard's Top 200 Album List last week, and landing at position #107, Clockwork Angels has fallen again in week #11; this time down to the #121 spot.

Interestingly enough, the album has actually moved up in other Billboard Album charts. Below is a complete run-down of where Clockwork Angels sits after debuting eleven weeks ago: Top 200 Albums: #121 - down 14 spots from last week. Top Rock Albums: #35 -- up 1 spot from last week.
Top Hard Rock Albums: #5 -- up 2 spots from last week.
Looking back, Rush's 2007 offering Snakes & Arrows remained in the Top 200 Album Charts a total of 15 consecutive weeks. With the tour beginning next week, which usually leads to a sales boost, it's likely that Clockwork Angels will remain the charts longer than Snakes & Arrows. Time will tell.

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The Top 10 Rush Songs of the 1970's

Ultimate Classic Rock has just posted a feature titled TOP 10 RUSH SONGS OF THE ’70S. From the article: The Top 10 Rush songs demonstrate how Canada’s favorite power trio have always been more than the sum of their parts. Now obviously, those pieces — guitarist Alex Lifeson, bassist / vocalist Geddy Lee and drummer Neil Peart are at the head of the class when it comes to musicianship, but there is more than just virtuosity at play. One thing that often gets lost in translation is that Rush really do have a grand sense of humor. So if you are taking them more seriously than they take themselves, what can we tell ya? We think they’re just peachy. So let’s get ready to take off with the Top 10 Rush Songs of the ’70s. The list of songs is interesting and certainly open to debate. I personally think they have the order upside-down :-)

Check out the entire list via this LINK.

Thanks to reader Joe Green for the head's up.

Happy Birthday Alex Lifeson

It was on this date back in 1953 that Rush Guitarist Alex Lifeson (born Aleksandar Zivojinovich) came into the world in Fernie, British Columbia. As Rush fans know, Lifeson founded the band in the summer of 1968 and was also responsible for bringing front-man Geddy Lee into the mix.

Alex turns 59 today and while he is obviously best known for being the guitarist for Rush, he's also the part owner of the Toronto restaurant The Orbit Room, is a licensed aircraft pilot, motorcycle rider, a gourmet cook and an artist.

Happy Birthday, Alex! Many happy returns!

Clockwork Angels Charting Update - Week #9

After last week's monumental jump in the charts from position #70 all the way up to position #13, thanks to Amazon putting the MP3 version of the album on sale for $0.99, Clockwork Angels has fallen back down to pre-sale levels in week #9.

According to the latest chart information, the album has fallen down to the #81 spot on the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts.

It also fell in other Billboard album charts as well:Top 200 Albums: #81 - down 68 spots from last week. Top Rock Albums: #26 -- down 24 spots from last week.
Top Hard Rock Albums: #7 -- down 5 spot from last week.
Rush's 2007 offering Snakes & Arrows remained in the Top 200 Album Charts a total of 15 consecutive weeks. Clockwork Angels has consistently charted better than

Snakes & Arrows, so it's fairly likely that it will remain in the charts beyond that 15-week mark.

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The Six Most-Beloved Rush Concept Songs

"Centurions of evil, fountains delivering enlightenment and epic space journeys, for starters...". That's the heading on a new article from MacLeans' Magazine titled The Six Most-Beloved Rush Concept Songs.

The article selects seven songs from Rush's catalogue as the 'most-beloved' including the title track from Clockwork Angels:2012: Clockwork Angels: Rush’s first full-length concept album is a dense, churning work whose individual songs are relatively short but cohere into a 66-minute whole. The narrative, set in a steampunk alternate world, reflects Peart’s ongoing preoccupations with disillusionment, state control vs. individual freedom, and Don Quixote (the ballad Halo Effect brings to mind Quixote’s fascination with his ideal, Dulcinea). But overall, it’s more melodic than its predecessors, and it ends with the surprisingly reflective piece called The Garden. Here, the album’s hero hoes his own row, leaving others to fight their battles, and ackno…

New Neil Peart Interview with MacLeans' Magazine

During Rush's current rehearsals in preparation for the Clockwork Angels World Tour, Neil Peart granted a rare interview with MacLeans' Magazine where he discussed a number of topics including his early days, musical integrity and the question of faith.

The article, titled Neil Peart on Introverts, Learning to Improvise, and Why People Should be Nicer to One Another, was conducted by Mike Doherty. Below is an excerpt from the interview: Q: “...the hero of Clockwork Angels, called Owen Hardy in the novelization [by friend and science fiction writer Kevin J. Anderson, to be published in September], says, 'I can’t stop thinking big.'”

A: Ah, the classic dreamer, and one of the lovely distinctions that Kevin and I wove over the character with reflection to our own pasts. When I was in the band J.R. Flood in St. Catharines, where we were doing pretty well, I said to my bandmates, “Let’s go to London [England].” I did, on my own, but it surprises me to this day that no one…

Clockwork Angels: The Novel World Premiere Launch Coming August 23rd

Author Kevin J. Anderson just posted an update to his blog indicating that the world premiere of his novelization of Clockwork Angels will occur on August 23rd in Toronto. The U.S. world premiere will occur on August 31st at DragonCon in Atlanta.

From the entry: Toronto fans, we will be launching CLOCKWORK ANGELS: The Novel, first time ever on sale, on Thursday evening, August 23 at the Richmond and John Chapters (142 John Street) at 7:00pm. I’ll be in Toronto as a guest at Fan Expo throughout the weekend, but this event—open to the general public—will be the first time the novel is available for sale. I will give a talk, answer questions, and autograph books…lots of them, I hope! For further details, see This event is free, and I do not charge for autographs.

US fans, you’ll have to wait an extra week. I WILL have plenty of copies for sale on August 31 at DragonCon in Atlanta. To pre-order your copy of Clockwork Angels: The Novel, click HERE. Related …

Clockwork Angels Novel Preview Booklet Now Available for Download - New Artwork Revealed

Kevin J. Anderson, the author of the upcoming novelization of Clockwork Angels, has just made the first three chapters of the novel available as a free PDF download. From Kevin's blog entry: "I’ve received many envelopes and requests for the special preview booklet of CLOCKWORK ANGELS: The Novel. With ECW Press and the Rush Store, we’ve decided to make the pdf available for download as well. The preview includes introductions by Neil Peart and me, the first three chapters in the novel, lyrics to “Caravan,” and some of the artwork. You can download the pdf by clicking the link." In addition, Kevin also posted a couple of pictures from the completed hard-cover novel; one of which reflects new artwork from Hugh Syme. Check it out HERE.

To pre-order your own copy of the novel, please click HERE.

Thanks to Eric from Power Windows for the heads up on the free PDF download. Related News Stories
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Clockwork Angels Charting Update - Week #8 - Huge Jump Up!

In its eighth week since being released, Rush's Clockwork Angels made a monumental jump to position #13 in the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts; up from position #70 last week! Billboard has indicated that, for the week, Clockwork Angels was the single greatest chart gainer in the Top 200 List.

The gain was no doubt fueled by the $0.99 MP3 Album Sale from Amazon.Com last week. Amazon is still selling the complete MP3 album at a discounted price; $5.00.

The album also jumped up in other Billboard charts over last week:Top 200 Albums: #13 - up 57 spots from last week. Top Rock Albums: #2 -- up 24 spots from last week.
Top Hard Rock Albums: #2 -- up 5 spot from last week.
The album did drop off of the coveted Taste Makers Album Charts however :-)

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Clockwork Angels Charting Update - Week #7

We're in week #7 since the release of Clockwork Angels and the album is still charting fairly well across several Billboard Charts. In the Top 200 Albums Chart, Clockwork Angels dropped nine spots to position #70. Here's how it's fairing in other Billboard charts:Top 200 Albums: #70 - down 9 spots from last week. Top Rock Albums: #26 -- down 7 spots from last week.
Top Hard Rock Albums: #7 -- up 1 spot from last week.
Top Taste Maker Albums: #17 -- up 8 spots from last week. Given that Amazon.Com started selling the MP3 version of the album for just USD $0.99, which pushed it to the #1 spot on the Amazon Digital Album chart, it's possible that Clockwork Angels will move up a couple spaces in the Top 200 list next week. Time will tell.

Comparitively speaking, Clockwork Angels is still outpacing the charting activity of the band's 2007 Snakes & Arrows. In its seventh week, Snakes & Arrows was sitting at the #78 spot.

As we mentioned last week, Snakes &…

Guitar Centers 48th Anniversary Rush Sweepstakes

In celebration of their 48th anniversary, Guitar Center is sponsoring a fantastic Rush Sweepstakes during the month of August.

One lucky grand-prize winner will receive:VIP Trip for 2 To Los Angeles to see Rush in Concert Chance to win $1,000,000 during the Guitar Center Anniversary Dice Roll VIP Experience of Guitar Center's RockWalk Induction of Rush Fender Road Worn Geddy Lee Jazz Bass Guitar $500 Spending Case Entries for the sweepstakes will end on August 31st so make sure to ENTER today!

Thanks to Ed from RushIsABand for passing along the news.

Rush in Print - Clockwork Angels Articles Now Online

As most fans know, the release of Rush's latest studio album Clockwork Angels was available in a special collector's edition (or Fan Pack Edition) from Classic Rock Magazine; the United Kingdom's premiere rock magazine. The Fan Pack edition of Clockwork Angels included a fantastic 132-page magazine containing thirteen separate articles on Rush and over 100 photos of the band spanning their entire career. The Fan Pack also included the Clockwork Angels CD in a special hard-bound binding, two posters and a key chain. Though largely sold-out, some Fan Pack versions of Clockwork Angels are still available.

For those who didn't have the opportunity to purchase the Fan Pack, you can now read the entire Classic Rock Presents: Rush - Clockwork Angels Special magazine online - complete with every photo. The contents of the magazine include:Welcome Q&A: Neil Peart Track By Track: Geddy Lee Guides Us Through the New Album Working Them Angels: We Meet Producer Nick Ra…