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Rush 2013 Wall Calendar Now Available for Pre-Order

Back in 2004, the first Rush Wall Calendar was released and ever since, Rush fans have been treated to a new wall calendar each year. Now, artwork for the 2013 Wall Calendar has been revealed by NMR Distribution , reflecting a Beyond the Lighted Stage motif and the words 'Legacy' appearing alongside 'Rush'. The wall calendar is also available for pre-order at Amazon.Com and is expected to be released sometime in the summer or early fall. For a look back at all of the previous wall calendars, click this LINK . Thanks to Ed from RushIsABand for passing along the news.

2112 Featured on BBC Radio 2's Sound of the 70s

Over the weekend, the UK BBC Radio station '2' featured Rush's 2112 on the Sound of the 70s radio program which is hosted by Johnny Walker. Walker discussed the Rush's history as well as the history behind 2112 . Additionally, some listener stories about 2112 were also aired. The program is now available online. You can listen to it via this link . Click the 'Listen Now' icon. The conversation on 2112 begins at about the 13-minute mark. Thanks to reader Josh O. and RushIsABand for the news and link.

Neil Peart Appears in April 2012 issue of Motorcyclist Magazine

The April 2012 issue of Motorcyclist Magazine contains several articles that feature Neil Peart. The main article, titled Workin' Them Angles (Yes, Angles) was written by one of Neil's riding friends Brian Catterson. Brian, a long-time Rush fan, talks about how he always hoped to meet Neil, how he eventually did - and also discusses riding with Neil during the final leg of the Time Machine Tour . From the article: Following Neil down the twisty road leaving Mount Rainier, I noticed that he was using less of the road than he had in years past. Initially, I attributed this to the fact that he had become a father again (daughter Olivia is now 2), but I later learned that he had low-sided in gravel on the previous tour. Not this time! The song "Workin ' Them Angels" is about risk-taking. Based on an exchange Neil overheard at the side of the road - "You were workin' them angels," the wife told her harddriving husband - the lyrics go: All my

Masterdisk Chief Engineer Andy VanDette On Remastering Rush Albums For iTunes

Andy VanDette, Masterdisk's Chief Engineer and the person who handled the remastering of Rush's earlier albums for their Sectors Box Set along with Rush's sound engineer Rich Chycki, was recently interviewed by Ars Technica about the challenges of mastering music for iTunes. Throughout the interview, Andy repeatedly cites Rush's back catalog as an example. From the interview: "...[I] recently completed a project remastering the bulk of Rush's back catalogue. As part of the process, VanDette created special versions of each song specifically for uploading to the iTunes Store. He described the often lengthy, trial-and-error process of trying to make iTunes tracks sound as close as possible to polished CD remasters..." "... The constraints of vinyl aren't a concern when mastering for a CD, so it's possible to boost overall levels as well as low frequencies without ruining the rest of the mix. "While remastering the classic Rush albu

Clockwork Angels Due Out in May According to PROG Magazine

The latest issue of Classic Rock Presents: Prog contains a one-page article/interview with Geddy Lee entitled Back to the Future . In the article, Geddy discusses Rush's new record label, Roadrunner , last year's Time Machine Tour and the band's general excitement from the tour, the new album and working together. Additionally, the article confirms that Rush's new album Clockwork Angels should be released this coming May. From the article : "There was something about the people at Roadrunner, they were so into rock, into what we're all about as opposed to some of the Atlantic guys. Frankly, we were very unhappy with the way we were treated at Atlantic UK, I don't think they really got us, so it was good to go somewhere that did." ... "The last tour was so great, the show was really fun to play, the crowds were amazing, every night we would just look out and be; wow, there's a lot of them out there. People seem a little less afraid

Geddy Lee Moog Taurus Pedals Interview - Parts 2 and 3 Now Online

Last month, the website posted the first of a three-part video interview with Geddy Lee. The interview focuses on Geddy's use of the Moog Taurus Pedals throughout Rush's history, including their appearance on a few tracks in the forthcoming Clockwork Angels album. Now, Part 2 and Part 3 of the interview is available for viewing online. You can view both below or via the links provided to the left. In these installments, Geddy discusses the challenges of playing with his feet and how he re-incorporated the pedals back into Rush's live performance. The interview ends with a humorous story involving the Moog Taurus Pedals and a pregnant friend, but I won't give it away. Geddy Lee on the Moog Taurus Pedals, Pt. 2 from Moog Music on Vimeo . Geddy Lee on the Moog Taurus Pedals, Pt. 3 from Moog Music on Vimeo . Thanks to Ed from RushIsABand for passing along the news. Related News Stories [ Geddy Lee Discusses Moog Taurus Pedals - Inter

4Front's Malice in Wonderland Now Available

Last month , we announced that 4Front , the instrumental progressive rock band that includes drummer Joe Bergamini (senior drum editor with Hudson Music and co-producer of Neil's Taking Center Stage: A Lifetime of Live Performance DVD.) were releasing their third album Malice in Wonderland . Joe just informed me that the album is now available - two weeks ahead of schedule. The album, which features 10 new instrumental progressive songs in the style of Rush , Kansas, Dream Theater, etc., and features cover art design by Hugh Syme, can now be ordered via this LINK . The album will also be available on CD Baby and iTunes in the near future. You can check out more information on 4Front at Joe's website or at the band's Facebook Page . Thanks, of course, to Joe Bergamini for sharing the news with us. Related News Stories [ Rush-inspired 4Front to Release Malice in Wonderland on March 1st - February 4th, 2012]

The 2-1-12 Neil Peart Hudson Handout!

Neil Peart, Hudson Music (the folks behind Neil's Taking Center Stage instructional video) and the Definitive Recording Guide are sponsoring a new contest where one lucky winner will receive an autographed copy of Neil's latest book Far and Away: A Prize Every Time along with an autographed Bubba's coffee mug. From the DRG website: Get booked and mugged, courtesy of Neil Peart, Hudson Music and the DRG. One lucky DRG fan will win an autographed copy of Neil’s book Far and Away: A Prize Every Time, as well as an autographed Bubba’s coffee mug. No need to Rush – winner will be drawn on February 28th, 2012 and notified by email. You can enter the contest via this LINK . Thanks to RushIsABand for sharing the news.

Cameo Appearance by Geddy Lee in CBC's Sunshine Sketches of a Small Town

Update (02/14/2011): You can now view the entire film online via this LINK . Update (02/13/2011): According to some sources who watched the show, Geddy appeared in a barber shop chair with a towel covering up his face. Only his nose and a bit of his hair were visible. Geddy had a few lines during the film and was disguising his voice quite well. Finally, as the closing credits were rolling, he took off his towel, looked in the mirror and said "a Roman massage". Thanks Deb Jeff Ouellette! The CBC will be airing a film adaptation of Stephen Leacock's classic Canadian book - Sunshine Sketches of a Small Town - this coming Sunday, February 12th to celebrate it's 100th anniversary. Canadian actress Jill Hennessy, who also appears in the film, was interviewed for the CBC about her role in the adaptation. During her interview (at approximately the 4:30 mark), she reveals that Geddy Lee will be making a cameo appearance in the film. From the interview: "..

Novelization of Rush's Clockwork Angels to be Penned by Kevin J. Anderson

Science Fiction author Kevin J. Anderson has just announced via his Facebook Page that he will be working on the novelization of Rush's forthcoming album Clockwork Angels . From Kevin's post: After dropping hints for a while, finally the big announcement, a new project unlike any other I've ever done...and something that I consider very cool. Most of you are aware of my long-standing friendship with Neil Peart, the drummer and lyricist from the legendary rock band Rush, as well as how much Rush has influenced my work. My first novel Resurrection, Inc. was closely inspired by the Rush album "Grace Under Pressure," and I can point to dozens of other novels and stories that bear a clear Rush influence. For more than twenty years, Neil and I have wanted to collaborate on something MAJOR, a way we could tie together our imaginations, and at last that's happening. I'm writing the novelization of Rush's forthcoming album Clockwork Angels, their firs

Roadrunner Artists on Why They Love Rush

When Rush signed to Roadrunner Records last year, it seems that the band had found their spiritual home, with many Roadrunner artists declaring a lifelong love for the band. MusicRadar are premiering a clip featuring interviews with members of STAIND, OPETH, MACHINE HEAD and MASTODON in which they talk about their first RUSH memories and what albums they got into first. They also talk about their favourite tracks and suggest what album/tracks a first time listener should listen to when getting into RUSH. You can watch the video clip below or directly at MusicRadar's website . Thanks to Eric from Power Windows for passing along the link. Related News Stories [ Rush Signs With Roadrunner, Preps New Album for 2012 - August 31st, 2011]

Geddy Lee Featured in the March 2012 Issue of Decanter Magazine

The March 2012 issue of Decanter , the UK wine magazine, includes a short interview with Geddy Lee in the magazine's My Passion For Wine column. Geddy discusses his preferences in wines and how Alex was the led him down the path of becoming the wine collector he is today. Below is an excerpt from the interview: "... I was introduced to fine wine while touring in the late 1970s. Alex Lifeson (Rush's lead guitarist) had a big interest in wine so promoters would sometimes give us wine as gifts... Alex and I always reward ourselves after a show with a good bottle of wine. It's a kind of hobby of mine to find a good bottle in whatever city we're touring in and surprise Alex with that..." Thanks to Eric from Power Windows for the heads up and the excerpt.

Replacement Discs for Sectors Box Set Now Available

Rush has just announced that replacement discs for their Sectors Box Set are now available. As we reported last year, the band officially confirmed that some production issues did occur that impacted both the Fly By Night CD as well as the A Farewell to Kings DVD. Here are the instructions for obtaining replacement discs: For US & Canadian fans, please contact Universal customer services team on: e-mail: [email protected] Phone: 1-800-288-5942 For fans in the UK & Ireland please contact: UK e-mail: [email protected] UK Phone: +44 (0) 845 250 0965 For fans in Germany please contact: Germany e-mail: [email protected] For fans in any other country please contact your original Sector store where you made the purchase for assistance in getting your replacement discs. Universal will ensure corrected discs get to the Sector-buying fans worldwide as soon as they possibly can. We're also hearing that all new stock of the Sectors box se

Rush's Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland Nominated for Music DVD of the Year Juno Award

Rush are certainly no strangers to the Juno Awards; the Canadian equivalent of the Grammy Awards in the US. This morning, the nominees for the 2012 Juno Awards were announced and, once again, Rush has been nominated in the category of Music DVD of the Year for their concert film Rush Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland . Rush took home the Juno award in the very same category last year with their documentary Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage as well as back in 2004 for Rush in Rio . Their Snakes & Arrows Live DVD was nominated in the same category back in 2010 but lost to Iron Maiden Flight 666 . The ceremonies for the 2012 Juno Awards , which will be hosted by William Shatner, takes pleace at Scotiabank Place in Ottawa, ON on April 1st. Thanks to Ed from RushIsABand for passing along the news.

Rush-inspired 4Front to Release Malice in Wonderland on March 1st

Update: 4-Front have released Big Scary Monster ; the first track off of Malice in Wonderland . You can check it out HERE . 4Front, the instrumental progressive rock band, are set to release their third album - Malice in Wonderland - on March 1st, 2012. The drummer of 4Front is none other than Joe Bergamini who is also the senior drum editor with Hudson Music and co-producer of Neil's Taking Center Stage: A Lifetime of Live Performance DVD . Joe was also Neil's interviewer on the instructional DVD. Heavily influenced by Rush, as well as other progressive greats such as Dream Theater, Kansas, Symphony X, The Dixie Dregs, and Genesis, 4Front excels in combining "the classic sound of prog with many other stylistic elements to create cinematic soundscapes that will capture your imagination." Included in Malice in Wonderland is a tribute track to Rush entitled Many Places in a Rush . Additionally, the cover art for the album was designed by none other than Hugh Sy

Rush Sighting on American Idol - Fitting for Rush Day :-)

You know it's Rush Day (2/1/12) when, for the first time in its 11 year run, American Idol provides us with a Rush sighting. David Weed of Mountain Home, Idaho attempted to sing Rush's seminal classic Tom Sawyer for the judges. Unfortunately, the results were not favorable. Randy Jackson asked David "In your mind, is that what Geddy Lee from the band sounds like to you?" to which David replied "Well I hope I don't sound exactly like him. Randy countered, "Well he actually sounds really good..." Shockingly, David left without the golden ticket. You can check out the clip below or directly at YouTube via this LINK .

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