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Neil Peart News, Weather, and Sports Update - January 2016 - BubbaGram™#4 / New Book Coming in September

In the latest update from Neil Peart (See: BubbaGram™#4: At the Route 66 Motel , Neil has announced that his new book, which chronicles his travels during Rush's R40 Tour , will be released this coming September. Titled Far and Wide: Bring that Horizon to Me! , a summary of the book has already been posted at Amazon.Com : Thirty-five concerts. 17,000 motorcycle miles. Three months. One lifetime. In May 2015, the veteran Canadian rock trio Rush embarked on their fortieth anniversary tour, R40. For the band and their fans, R40 was a celebration and, perhaps, a farewell. But for Neil Peart, each tour is more than just a string of concerts, it’s an opportunity to explore backroads near and far on his BMW motorcycle. So if this was to be the last tour and the last great adventure, he decided it would have to be the best one, onstage and off. This third volume in Peart’s illustrated travel series shares all-new tales that transport the reader across North America and through memorie

Rush's Feedback and Snakes & Arrows Now Available on 200gm Audiophile Vinyl

Over the course of the last year, Rush has been reissuing all of their studio albums and most of their live albums on 200-gram Audiophile Vinyl. It began with the impressive release of their debut album as a box set and now ends with the release of both Feedback and Snakes & Arrows . Each vinyl record also comes with a code to access a high-definition digital download. To purchase either Feedback, Snakes & Arrows or any of the other previously released vinyl albums, please use one of the links below. Rush Fly By Night Caress of Steel 2112 All the World's a Stage [LIVE] A Farewell to Kings Hemispheres Permanent Waves Moving Pictures Exit...Stage Left [LIVE] Signals Grace Under Pressure Power Windows Hold Your Fire A Show of Hands [LIVE] Presto Roll the Bones Counterparts Test for Echo Vapor Trails Feedback Snakes & Arrows

Thinking Out Loud: Geddy Lee (Prog Magazine)

PROG magazine has posted a new feature article/interview with Geddy Lee titled Thinking Out Loud: Geddy Lee . With the sub-heading of The Rush frontman on his voice, South Park and wine , the article touches upon several interesting topics including Geddy's thoughts about being part of Rush, and his life outside of the band: “It’s almost impossible to think of my life outside of Rush. So much of my life over the last 40 years has been as a member of Rush. But outside of the band I’m very proud of my family and my kids. I think I’ve been a good dad and I’ve always tried to be present in their lives, even when I’ve been away on the road. I’ve always done everything that I can to keep my marriage healthy, and that’s difficult when you’re an itinerant musician like I was for so many years, but my wife and I are both big travellers and we’re always on the road and looking for new challenges in our lives. I get involved in a lot of different activities as well, and I quite enjoy fund

New Geddy Lee Video Interview Discusses R40 Tour and More

uDiscover Music has just posted a new, 40+ minute interview with Geddy Lee that took place at Abbey Road Studios. From the video: Geddy Lee from Rush talks to Kylie Olsson at Abbey Road Studios supporting the release of the band's 40-LIVE filmed at the band's Toronto shows on June 17th and 19th 2015 - released by Universal in Nov 2015. Geddy talks about how their popularity has continued over their 40 year successful career & discusses the background of the stage sets & theatrics for their retrospective R40 tour. Includes a live clip of their classic song Jacob's Ladder taken from the new R40 release. You can view the interview below or directly at this LINK . For more from uDiscover Music, check out their YouTube Page .

Alex Lifeson Booked for Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival

A Priest, a Rabbi, and a Rock Guitarist walk into a bar... While we all await word on what comes next for Rush following the close of their R40 tour last August, Alex Lifeson has lined up a different type of live appearance. The Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival has announced that Lifeson will appear at a March 7 event, titled “Hello! Thunder Bay!,” during which “some of Canada’s top musical comedians will join a stellar lineup of Canadian musicians sharing their weirdest, wackiest and most hilarious stories from the road.” The festival’s Facebook page adds further detail, calling the evening “A one-night-only event exploring the funny in rock ‘n’ roll” and noting that “Musicians Dave Bidini, Alex Lifeson, Terra Lightfoot, Grand Analog (and more) share rock ‘n’ roll road stories with comedians Jessica Holmes, Gavin Crawford and Sean Cullen adding musical comedy and rock parody.” Tickets for “Hello! Thunder Bay!” are on sale now. For more detailed information or to purchase passe

Rush: Beneath, Between And Behind: F.M. Broadcast 1975 Coming in February

Over the last several years, there have been a number of unofficially released "live" albums which were largely taken from previously aired radio specials. Some of the more notable recent releases include Rush ABC 1974 , Spirit of the Airwaves , and The Lady Gone Electric . Now a fourth radio broadcast, this time from 1975, will be released under the title Beneath, Between And Behind: F.M. Broadcast 1975 . From the Amazon listing: Recorded in May, 1975 for Radio-WWM, this tight and forceful live set captures the long-lived Canadian trio at their progressive best. It showcases several of their best-loved songs. The single-CD is scheduled for release on February 12th and includes the following eleven tracks: 1. Finding My Way 2. The Best I Can 3. What You Are Doing 4. Anthem 5. Beneath, Between & Behind 6. In The End 7. Fly By Night 8. Working Man 9. In The Mood 10. Need Some Love 11. Bad Boy Please click HERE to pre-order your copy. Thanks to Mark Stench

R is for Rush: Recording & Mixing R40 Live

Sound on Sound Magazine's January 2016 issue includes a lengthy article detailing the challenges David Bottrill, Rush's sound enginerr, faced during the recording, mixing, and production of Rush's R40 Live live album and concert DVD. From the article: The weeks that followed the recordings were spent doing general work on the session while trying to get approvals on the set and the songs to be used. Knowing that there was a hard deadline for the release, David managed his time by starting to shape the sounds of the second day's show. It was a really strong performance, and we all felt confident that it would make up the bulk of the release. David and I mix entirely 'in the box', with mirrored setups based around Universal Audio Apollo interface/DSP units. We both own outboard, but have found that the quality of plug-ins and converters these days, coupled with the universal expectation of recall, means that the ITB approach just makes more sense. For this

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