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Neil Peart's Last Book Silver Surfers: Sports Cars of the Sixties Coming in May 2024

Back in 2021 , Neil Peart's classic car collection, what he affectionally referred to as the Silver Surfers , went up for auction during Gooding & Company's 17th annual Pebble Beach Auctions. It was at that time when we learned that Neil was working on a coffee table book that focused on his prized automobiles. From the original Rush.Com announcement : Neil’s love of classic cars was a lifelong passion, and prior to his passing, he was extremely proud to have completed his final book titled, “Silver Surfers.” The following passage from his first coffee table book explains, in his own words, how the collection name came about: “The title Silver Surfers for my collection of cars occurred to me while driving my DB5 up and down the Pacific Ocean. Because it felt right to me, I guess – the idea that I was just one of the wave riders…. In search of natural peace, I often drove out that way and up in to the Santa Monica Mountains. Out past Malibu to Ventura County, I’d

Geddy Lee's 'In Conversation' Tour Ends its North American Run in Toronto

Update: George Stroumboulopoulos is co-hosting tonight as well. Update: Confirmation - - Alex Lifeson is hosting tonight! Here's a short video of his introduction. Update: Based on this sign hanging outside the venue, it appears the show will be filmed tonight. In addition, Alex Lifeson was spotted backstage while several Barbie dolls were seen on stage . Over the past three weeks, Geddy Lee has been traveling across the United States and Canada as he celebrates the release of his memoir, My Effin' Life with his spoken-word 'In Conversation' tour. Speaking to near-capacity crowds in virtually every venue, Geddy has been joined by a wide variety of guest hosts each night, including Paul Rudd, Matt Cameron, Jack Black, Chad Smith, and more. As he ends the North American run of his tour tonight in his hometown of Toronto at the famed Massey Hall, one has to wonder if a certain best friend and guitarist may make an appearance (Check back here for updates

Geddy Lee Releases Previously Unreleased Solo Material On 'The Lost Demos'

Geddy Lee has shared "The Lost Demos", two previously unreleased solo songs available today on all streaming platforms. Geddy originally recorded this pair of demos — "Gone" and "I Am…You Are" — during the writing sessions for his 2000 solo debut, "My Favorite Headache". Today, with the help of producer/engineer David Bottrill, he has unearthed them for the first time properly mixed and mastered. Commenting on the project, Geddy shared: "I'm excited to see these two 'lost demos' released. I loved the songs when they were written and in some ways they feel as fresh and perhaps more relevant all these years later." The Lost Demos is available on various streaming services as well as MP3 Downloads . The lyrics to both tracks are also available at this location . Comments

Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson Featured on 'CBS News Sunday Morning'

Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson were featured on a segment of CBS News Sunday Morning this past weekend. In the segment, titled 'What's Next for Rush?' correspondent Jim Axelrod spoke with Dirk and Lerxst about their particular blend of musicianship, stagecraft and goofiness; how tragedy upended the band with the death of Peart; and what might constitute Rush's next chapter. When asked about the possibility of Alex and Geddy 'getting another drummer and touring again', Geddy replied "It's not impossible...but at this point, I can't guarantee it..." Axelrod also spent one-on-one time with Geddy Lee where the two discussed his memoir 'My Effin' Life'. The entire 7 minute segment is now online HERE or via the embedded viewer below. Comments

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