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Alex Lifeson Donates Original Painting for 2020 Brush of Hope Charity Auction

As he has done numerous times in the past, Alex Lifeson has created another unique painting for the Kidney Foundation of Canada's annual Brush of Hope charity auction. This year's painting, titled " Forked ," is currently being auctioned off on Ebay at this location . Alex's signed painting was done in acrylic, measures 11" x 14", and was created entirely using a fork, not a paint brush. The auction will end on October 31st. About the Brush of Hope Charity auction: Alex Lifeson, Don Cherry, Brent Butt, John Tavares, Barenaked Ladies, Alan Doyle, Mike Myers, John Meyer and Leonard Cohen are just a few of the celebrities who have taken up a brush to create an original masterpiece to help the millions of Canadians who are living with kidney disease or are at risk. Thanks to the generous support of our partners and the community, since 2006, A Brush of Hope has raised over $110,000 for research, programs and patient services! Also thanks to the Al

The Missing Tourbook Collection - Now Available at the Rush Backstage Club

As most fans know, the first official Rush tourbook was released during the band's North American tour in support of their breakthrough album 2112 . After that point, a new tourbook would be made available as the band toured in support of all future studio albums. Unfortunately Rush's tours that supported their debut album, Fly By Night , and Caress of Steel never received the tourbook treatment - until now. The Rush Backstage Club has just announced the release of the Missing Tourbook Collection ; three new tourbooks that celebrate the tours of the band's first three studio albums. From the RBC listing: While leafing through your Rush tourbook collection, have you ever noticed there are three studio album tours with no tourbook? We had to correct this! And correct we have done, with The Missing Tourbooks Collection. We went back in time, collecting photos, artwork, gear lists and much more from the tours for RUSH, Fly By Night, and Caress Of Steel. One benefit we

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