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Neil Peart Posts Tribute to Andrew MacNaughtan

Neil Peart has posted a moving tribute to his late friend Andrew MacNaughtan on his website . Neil reflects on his relationship with Andrew which began back in 1985. More than just the band's photographer, Andrew was clearly a dear friend of Neil's (and Alex / Geddy / the entire Rush management team as well). From the entry: In later years, Andrew became the band’s near-exclusive photographer, in concert, formal portraits, and documenting our rehearsals and recording sessions. He even served (suffered) as our personal assistant for two tours, Presto and Roll the Bones. As other assistants we have employed over the years would agree—were they not bound by strict confidentiality agreements—it was not a glamorous or easy job. Throughout that turbulent time, all of us remained friends. Though Andrew was something of a self-confessed neurotic, he had a terrific sense of humor, and like me, he could laugh himself into helplessness—especially over the antics of Alex, who Geddy a

Rush Featured on Metal Evolution

Update: For the moment at least, the segments featuring Rush are on YouTube. Check them out HERE and at the 5-minute mark HERE . Thanks Ed from RushIsABand . All three members of Rush including long-time producer Terry Brown are featured in the the final episode of the heavy metal documentary show Metal Evolution . The show was created by Sam Dunn and Scot McFadyen of Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage fame. The episode has already aired this past weekend in Canada on MuchMoreMusic and is scheduled to air next weekend on VH1 Classic in the US. Also included in the final episode will be interviews with other progressive metal bands such as Dream Theater, Queensryche, Yes and King Crimson. Click HERE for show times and additional information. Thanks to RushFanForever for passing along the news.

Rush Photographer Andrew MacNaughtan Passes Away

Update (01/26/2012 7:25pm EST): News of Andrew's passing is beginning to hit some major news sources. Click HERE for the story from Toronto.Com . Thanks RushFanForever . Update: Rush has acknowledged the passing of Andrew via a post on their official Facebook Page as well as on Rush.Com : "We're deeply shocked and heartbroken to learn of the sudden passing of our close friend and long-time photographer, Andrew MacNaughtan. He was a sweet person and a very talented artist. Words cannot describe how much he will be missed. - Geddy, Alex & Neil" We are saddened to announce the passing of long-time Rush photographer Andrew MacNaughtan. From a fellow photographer's Facebook page: "Word has just come out that legendary Canadian music photographer Andrew McNaughtan has died in LA of a heart attack while on photo assignment with RUSH. His photos have been the cement in hundreds of Canadian music careers. Some of the most iconic images to grace album an

Sync Up. Rock Out. The 2112 Listening Party

RushCon , the largest North American gathering of fans celebrating the music of Rush, along with are sponsoring a 2112 listening party of February 1st, 2012 (2/1/12). From the announcement: Tune into on Thursday February 1, 2012, at 9:12pm (in your time zone) for the world’s largest streaming Rush listening party! Simultaneously, join fans across the world in an online chat ( ) as we crank this epic album and fill the world with our music. This is the closest we will get to the year 2112 in our lifetime, so celebrate and assume control! The party will repeat 4 times, starting at 9:12pm EST, then at 9:12pm Central, Mountain, and Pacific timezones. So everyone will have a chance to join! Or heck, come for all 4 hours! The more Rush fans the better! You can RSVP for the listening party via this Facebook LINK .

German Band Gregorian Covers Rush's Bravado

The German band Gregorian , headed by Frank Peterson and who are known for their Gregorian chant-inspired versions of modern pop and rock songs, have released a cover of Rush's classic Bravado on their latest album Masters Of Chant Chapter VIII . The album was released last September and is currently only available to North American residents as an import . You can listen to the cover of Bravado below or via this LINK . Thanks to Eric from Power Windows for the news.

Rush References on FX's Archer - Season 2 Finale

Last night's season finale episode (episode 23 - Double Trouble) of Archer , FX's animated television series, included a Rush reference marking the second such reference that has appeared in the series. The first occurred during an episode that aired last April 21st (See: Rush References on FX's Archer ) where a van appeared with an Exit...Stage Left motif with 'Exit..Van Left' taking the place of the album's title. In last night's episode another van appeared, this time with a play on the cover from Rush's Hemispheres and the words Krieger: Vanispheres appearing alongside the motif. Krieger refers to Dr. Krieger, one of the main characters of the show. Click HERE for a high-resolution screen capture of the van. Thanks to Ed from RushIsABand for passing along the news and screen capture.

Rush: A Brief History of Time Part VIII

It's been a number of months since the last update to Cygnus-X1.Net's Rush: A Brief History of Time ; an on-going collection of articles and advertisements about Rush that spans every decade from the 70's onward. Part VIII of this segment includes 46 new articles; one from the 70's, thirty-one from the 80's, three from the 90's, two from the 2000's and seven from the current '10 decade. The majority of the articles focus around the release of Moving Pictures and Rush's tour in support of their best selling album. Below is a sample of Part VIII. To check out the entire segment, click HERE . Once again, I'd like to thank reader Heiko Klages of Germany for providing the bulk of the new articles. Special thanks go out to Eric Hansen of Power Windows and reader RushFanForever for additional contributions. Enjoy. We'll start off this edition with an article from the May 12th, 1977 issue of Circus Magazine. Titled The Rush Conquest

Neil Peart's News, Weather, and Sports Update - January 2012

Neil Peart has opened up 2012 with an update to the News, Weather, and Sports section of his website; the first such update since last July. In this entry, titled At the Gate of the Year , Neil discusses a number of topics ranging from a retrospective look at his life in 2011, the march of time as he approaches his 60th birthday, the passing of his friend and teacher Freddie Gruber and, of course, some of the recording behind Rush's upcoming album Clockwork Angels . From the entry: Most recently, I had been recording in Toronto with my bandmates, from mid-October until early December. We completed the songwriting and arranging for the album, Clockwork Angels, we started back in late 2009—before going “on hiatus” for the Time Machine tour, and playing 81 shows in North America, South America, and Europe. (Some hiatus.) While Alex and Geddy were finishing the writing and arranging in one smaller room of the studio, over in the big room I was working with The Mighty Booujzhe, r

Gibson Guitar Ranks Rush 2nd Best Rock Rhythm Section of All Time

Gibson guitar has posted their Top 10 list of the greatest Drum ’n’ Bass: Rock Rhythm Sections of all time. Bass and drums are often the unsung heroes of rock and roll. A killer rhythm section will make a band soar, while a mediocre bass-drums combo can drag down even the strongest ensembles. At, we simply can’t get enough of that cascading cannon-style drum sound, and little competes with a flawlessly executed, funky slap-and-pop bassline. It’s the rhythm section’s time to take the spotlight! Taking the #2 spot were Geddy Lee and Neil Peart, behind only John Paul Jones and John Bonham of Led Zeppelin: Canadian power trio Rush gained a following thanks to their virtuoso instrumentals and radio-friendly progressive rock style. Geddy Lee proved the quintessential hard rock frontman, with his oh-so distinct tenor – and a bass player, to boot! It’s Lee’s attention to bass grooves and vocal melodies and his perfect fit with drummer Neil Peart – who, consequently, is to prai

Geddy Lee Discusses Moog Taurus Pedals - Interview

The first of a three-part video interview with Geddy Lee is now online at the website. The interview (and series) focuses on Geddy's use of the Moog Taurus Pedals throughout Rush's history. This first installment, Geddy looks back at the influence of the Taurus sounds and indicates that a few tracks from their upcoming Clockwork Angels album made use of the Taurus pedals. Check out the entire video interview below -- or via this LINK . Thanks to RushFanForever and Eric from Power Windows for the links.

Rare 1977 Rush Performance of Xanadu On Old Grey Whistle Test Anniversary Show

The Old Grey Whistle Test , which was regarded as the last 'real' UK television music show, celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2011. On January 15th 2012, OGWT will be resurrected with a special show at the Sage Hall in Gateshead, UK that will unveil rare footage from BBC Worldwide archive recordings of the show. Among the rare footage to be shown will be a 1997 performance of Xanadu by Rush: The highlight of the show and the clip which is causing the most interest for UK progressive rock fans is an extremely rare recording of Canadian progressive rockers, RUSH, performing Xanadu in it's entirety during a performance that Phipps regards as one of the main peaks of the Old Grey Whistle Test shows. Phipps says of RUSH at the time, "I knew about them but I'd never seen them and that set literally blew me away." The Old Grey Whistle Test 40th Anniversary starts at 8pm on Sunday January 15th 2012 in The Sage, Hall Two. Tickets, costing £12, are available

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