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Alex Lifeson Makes a Guest Appearance on Big Sugar's New Album Eternity Now

Alex Lifeson is keeping busy during his so-called retirement. He recently lent his guitar skills to the title track of Big Sugar's new album Eternity Now . Big Sugar's Gordie Johnson talks about obtaining Alex's services: I put the record on the other day and I thought I made a mistake. It sounded like I’d grabbed a Rush record from 1988. GJ: [Laughs] Make no mistake, my friend. That was not an accident! [Rush guitarist] Alex Lifeson is on the title track. He’s on the title track of my life and career trajectory. He was one of the first supporters of Big Sugar and one of the greatest mentors that I’ve had. And he’s such a down-to-earth chill guy. He saw us coming up, liked our music, and would do things like “Hey, man, here’s a double-neck guitar. Why don’t you take the Xanadu guitar and use it for a while?” Like, who does that? So I texted him and I had to explain myself because it’s such a Rush knock-off. I got the Taurus Moog pedals in there and gave it the full

Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson Appear in Upcoming Gordon Lightfoot Documentary

Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Sarah McLachlan, and Alec Baldwin appear in If You Could Read My Mind , an upcoming documentary on Gordon Lightfoot, which will be streaming on-demand this summer. Directed by Martha Kehoe and Joan Tosoni, the film chronicles present-day Lightfoot performing a show and signing autographs as he fondly looks back on his nearly six-decade career — from his coffeehouse performance days in Ontario, Canada, to his rise to international fame in the Seventies. “He is one of the greatest examples of timeless singer-songwriter,” Lee says in the clip, sitting alongside his bandmate Alex Lifeson. “He’s a Canadian national hero, but he also speaks with a voice for everyone,” adds Bad Religion’s Greg Graffin. You can view a clip of the documentary which includes Geddy and Alex's appearance below: For more information on the documentary, click HERE .

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