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Rush's Debut Album to Receive 40th Anniversary Reissue

With Rush celebrating their 40th Anniversary next year, the band has decided to re-issue their debut album. The news comes from a brief mention in a Globe and Mail article:"...Hamilton cites the Canadian hard-rock trio Rush as an example of active partners in the process, saying the band members are “very involved” in next year’s 40th-anniversary reissue of the group’s self-titled debut album..."No other details have been announced nor has there been any official word from the band.

It's interesting to note that, among all of the studio albums Rush have released, their debut is the only album that did not include lyrics. Perhaps this oversight will be corrected in the re-issue.

There's also the possibility that Rush's first two singles - "Not Fade Away" and "You Can't Fight It" - may appear in the re-issue as bonus tracks. As most fans know, "Not Fade Away" was a cover of the Buddy Holly song, while "You Can't Fight…

Clockwork Angels: The Graphic Novel Now Available for Pre-Order

Last month we reported that the novelization of Clockwork Angels would be released in March of 2014 as a graphic novel. Kevin J Anderson recently posted an update about the graphic novel to his blog:The comic adaptation of CLOCKWORK ANGELS proceeds full steam ahead, and everything is going like clockwork! Boom! Studios will release the first issue in mid-March of the six-issue series. I’ve written the first script, with the enthusiastic Neil Peart stamp of approval, and we’ve also looked at the work of various artists that Boom! suggested.

We were very pleased to see the samples from Nick Robles, best known for his work in the gaming industry, and we felt that his style had the right kind of flavor, a flair for color, sense of wonder, innocence, fabulous imagination. Neil and I both loved his work. And when Nick started sending a flood of concept sketches of the characters—Owen Hardy, Mr. Paquette, Lavinia, the Pedlar, the Watchmaker, the Anarchist—and steamliners, the pedlar’s st…

Experiencing Rush: A Listener's Companion Book Coming in 2014

Durrell Bowman, who was one of the co-editors of the 2011 book on Rush titled Rush and Philosophy: Heart and Mind United is currently working on a follow-up book on Rush. Experiencing Rush: A Listener's Companion is slated for a 2014 release:Introduction: Why Rush?

The Canadian rock band Rush has mainly explored an eccentric, album-oriented “progressive hard rock” style, sometimes bridging it with heavy metal (especially in the 1970s), new wave and synth rock (1980s), and alternative rock (1990s). In its music, lyrics, and career path, Rush has remained stubbornly individualist, and its several dozen albums (45 million sold) and major concert tours have appealed to musicians and others interested in certain types of structural complexities and serious issues. The group continued to pursue its own path well into the 2000s and in 2013 was inducted into the US-based Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The band is Geddy Lee (bass guitar and vocals), Alex Lifeson (guitars), and Neil Peart…

Rush Sponsoring the "Twelve Days of Rush" Holiday Give-Away

Rush have just announced a new holiday contest called the Twelve Days of Rush where, beginning on Friday, December 13th, one lucky person each day will be selected to receive a special gift.

From the Newsletter announcement:Happy Holidays to all of our RUSH fans! We are getting in the holiday spirit and giving you 12 Days of Rush. Starting Friday December 13, we will be giving away a special RUSH prize each day until the 24th. What will be decking the halls? Check back on, @rushtheband on Twitter or Rush on Facebook each day from December 13th to the 24th to see what new prize will be unveiled. Prizes may include a new RUSH DVD, a set of Bobblehead dolls or even something rare and collectible!

Since you're getting this email, you are already included in the list for the draw each day. However, we kindly ask you to update your info here so we can be better at sending area-specific emails to you for specific shows and events. Rush mailing list: W…

'Clockwork Angels' a Heavenly Comics Debut for Rush - Owen Hardy Character Design Revealed

It was last month when we first announced that Rush's Clockwork Angels album and novel would be produced as a six-issue graphic novel. Kevin J. Anderson, who penned the original novel, will be working on the graphic novel as well.

Today, USA Today posted an article about the graphic novel adaptation. In the article, titled 'Clockwork Angels' a heavenly comics debut for Rush, the first character designs of Owen Hardy, the young protagonist of Clockwork Angels were revealed.

From the article:With a feel and tone of Norman Rockwell crossed with The Hobbit, Clockwork Angels introduces teenage Owen Hardy, an assistant apple-orchard manager in a small, out-of-the-way British country village who's in line to get a major promotion when he turns 18.

However, he wants to leave the Tick Tock Tavern and other familiar spots behind to find his fate in the metropolis of Crown City.Click HERE to read the entire article.

Thanks to reader RushFanForver for the news.Related News Stori…

Rush's Subdivisions Covered by Heaven Below - With Help From William Shatner

In a post that is certainly fitting for Cygnus-X1.Net, the Los Angeles based hard-rock group Heaven Below has just released a four-track LP album titaled Sleeping Giants. Among the included tracks in the LP is a cover of Rush's Subdivisions which includes a guest appearance by none other than William Shatner of Star Trek fame.

Yes the worlds of Rush and Trek having finally collided.

Shatner lends his voice to the chorus of "Subdivisions" during the song. But it doesn't stop there. The famed actor and starship captain also inserts a tribute to Rush's classic opus 2112 at the end of the song. This is one that should not be missed :)

While you can purchase the track at Amazon, you can also watch the video of the song via the embedded viewer below or directly at this LINK.

Thanks to Ed from RushIsABand for passing along the news and video clip.

"Alex Lifeson talks Clockwork Angels" - MusicRadar Video Interview

Update (12/09/2013): Part Two of the Video interview is now Online. You can view both parts below.MusicRadar.Com has posted part one of an "epic video interview with Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson." In the interview, Alex takes a look at Rush's 2013 Clockwork Angels tour, discussing some of the highlights of the tour, how the band goes about selecting a set list, Rush's loyalty to themselves and their crew and more.

You can view the first part of the interview at this LINK or via the embedded viewer below:PART ONE

Rush's Clockwork Angels Tour Enters the Billboard Charts at #1 (Video) and #33 (Album)

In the first week after its release, Rush's Clockwork Angels Tour Live Concert Film has entered the Billboard Video Charts in the #1 spot!

The live album also entered the Top 200 Albums Chart at the #33 spot.

This marks the third consecutive #1 Concert video that Rush has released, dating back to their 2008 release of Snakes & Arrows Live.

To purchase your copy of Clockwork Angels Tour, please use one of the links below:Limited Edition Deluxe Package
2-disc DVD
3-disc CDThanks to Michael Lynch for the news.Related News Stories
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Geddy Lee to Appear on Sirius XM's Classic Vinyl on November 28th

Geddy Lee is scheduled to make a Thanksgiving Day appearance on Sirius XM's Classic Vinyl station.

The interview special, which is titled Classic Vinyl Influences with Geddy Lee will air on Thursday, November 28th between 3 and 4pm EST. From the Classic Vinyl website:Classic Vinyl gives thanks for decades of complex thought-provoking-progressive rock from Canada's Geddy Lee. Hear Rush's lead singer and bass player remember 10 of the artists that were influential to him early in his Hall of Fame CareerClick HERE for the complete broadcast schedule for Sirius XM as rebroadcasts of the special are expected throughout the holiday weekend.

Thanks to Sheri Geddygirl Beri and Ed from RushIsABand for the news.

Clockwork Angels: The Graphic Novel Coming in April 2014

Kevin J. Anderson, the author of the novel adaptation of Rush's concept album Clockwork Angels has just announced plans for a Graphic Novel.

From Kevin's blog:If you’ve looked at the hardcover of CLOCKWORK ANGELS: The Novel, or seen the images from the Rush “Clockwork Angels” tour, you know how lavish and visually interesting the story and the world is. So it was natural to think about a graphic novel adaptation as well. BOOM! Studios, one of the largest comics publishers in the US, will be releasing CLOCKWORK ANGELS: The Graphic Novel in six beautiful issues, scripted by me, beginning next April, simultaneous with the trade paperback release of the novel from ECW.

Even before the novel was published, at San Diego Comic Con (July 2012) I talked about the idea with several of the comics publishers I had worked with. I received a lot of interest, but when I mentioned the project to Ross Ritchie, the owner and publisher of BOOM!, his response was so extraordinarily enthusiastic…

Rush's Clockwork Angels Tour to Premiere on VH-1 Classic on Sunday, December 1st

Update: I've completed the transcription of the liner notes/tracks and have scanned all of the artwork from the CD package. You can view both at the following links:Liner Notes/Tracks -- Album Artwork.Though it was just released yesterday, Rush's latest live offering - Clockwork Angels Tour - is already set to make its television debut on VH-1 Classic on December 1st at 9pm.

According to this listing from DirectTV, the run-time of the concert film on VH-1 Classic will be 2 hours and 30 minutes. The recent theatrical debut of Clockwork Angels Tour also ran about 2:30 but only included the second set and the tour documentary. Given commercial breaks, it's likely that the VH-1 debut will only reflect one of the two sets.

In related news, VH-1 also conducted an exclusive interview with Geddy which can be viewed via the embedded viewer below.

Finally, if you still haven't ordered your copy of Clockwork Angels Tour, you can do so via the links below:Limited Edition Deluxe…

Rush's Clockwork Angels Tour Live CD/DVD Now Available

The time is now again, Rush fans. The highly anticipated release of Rush's Clockwork Angels Tour Live CD and DVD are now available.

Recorded over two consecutive tour dates last November in Phoenix and Dallas, the 2-DVD or single Blu-Ray package features over 3 hours of music including favorites Tom Sawyer and The Spirit of Radio, three drum solos, new string arrangements of classics such as YYZ, Dreamline and Red Sector A, and rarely performed songs such as The Body Electric and Middletown Dreams. Extensive bonus features include a full version of Limelight from soundcheck and an exclusive backstage documentary shot throughout Europe. The 3-CD set also features all of the tracks that are included in the DVD/BS packages.

Rush's Clockwork Angels Tour is the eleventh (officially) released live album the band has produced in their decades-spanning career. This live offering continues the pattern of a new live CD/DVD with each new tour that began with 2003's Rush in Rio .


Alex Lifeson Talks to Billboard Magazine - Rush 'Haven't Stopped or Quit… Just Relaxing'

To coincide with the release of the Clockwork Angels Live CD/DVD, Billboard Magazine sat down with Alex Lifeson to discuss the new live offering, the future of the band and more.

From the interview:That said, Lifeson acknowledges that he and singer/bassist/keyboardist Geddy Lee -- who both live in the Toronto area while drummer Neil Peart resides in California -- "typically get a little bored, and so we enjoy writing and working together and I wouldn't doubt that some time in the new year we'll probably gravitate towards each other and start doing some writing.

It's going to be interesting to see where we do go next. You know, the album is dying as a format. We're so used to it and we're so old school in that format, but will we get more mileage by doing a few new songs at a time, or do we do another album? It's hard to say what the future holds, and it's just changing so rapidly. It's always hard to speculate where you're going to go."Th…

Rush Included in Rolling Stone's The 10 Greatest Canadian Rock Stars Readers' Poll

Rolling Stone magazine recently conducted a reader's poll of the The 10 Greatest Canadian Rock Stars. Coming in at the #2 spot, behind singer/songwriter Neil Young, was Rush:2. Rush

Anyone who doesn't know Rush is Canadian can probably figure it out about four seconds into their 1981 video for "Limelight." It begins with a wolf running in front of a hopelessly remote house, practically lost in a mountain of snow. There don't appear to be any neighbors around for at least one hundred miles and inside, the Canadian trio is playing in front of a large window that looks out into the vast Canadian wilderness.

Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson grew up near Toronto and they cut their teeth on the local club circuit. They live there to this day, though drummer Neil Peart now spends much of his time in Los Angeles with his wife and young daughter. You can check out the entire list via this LINK.

Thanks to Eric from Power Windows for the news.

Alex Lifeson Receives the Spirit of Prog Award

Last night in London, the 9th annual Classic Rock Awards ceremony took place. During the awards ceremony, Alex Lifeson was the recipient of the "Spirit Of Prog" award.

The Spirit Of Prog Award goes to artists who have made a remarkable contribution to the genre. Previous recipients include Jethro Tull, Family and the man who presented Lifeson with his award last night, Rick Wakeman.

A photo gallery of the event is available at this HERE while more information about Alex's award and upcoming interviews is available HERE.

Also available is an audio interview with Alex taken immediately following the ceremony. In it, Alex discusses his early influences, what it means to be labeled as a "Prog Rocker" and more.

Rush's Clockwork Angels Tour Album Now Streaming on Pandora

Though Rush's Clockwork Angels Tour CD/DVD has yet to be released (the release date is still slated for November 19th), Pandora Premieres is currently streaming (audio only) the entire album online. However, for some reason, Halo Effect is missing from the stream.

You can access the stream via this LINK.

With the upcoming release, several news stories and interviews have begun to pop up. Geddy Lee was interviewed by CBS in this piece: Rush’s Geddy Lee Talks Baseball; Preview New Rush Live DVD while Radio.Com posted this article (Exclusive: Preview Rush’s ‘Clockwork Angels Tour’ DVD Before Its Release) ahead of their own premiere.Still haven't pre-ordered your copy of Rush's Clockwork Angels Tour? You can do so via one of the links below:Limited Edition Deluxe Package
2-disc DVD
3-disc CDThanks to Mark L for the news.Related News Stories
[Rush Clockwork Angels Tour Film - Limited Edition Deluxe Package Available from Rush Backstage Club - October 26th, 2013]

Neil Peart: Taking Center Stage Nominated for Best Educational Book in Modern Drummer Readers Poll

Back in 2011, Neil Peart released the drumming instructional video TAKING CENTER STAGE
a lifetime of live performance
. The 3-disc DVD set, where Neil examined the challenges of live performances through his over 30 years of touring the world, was followed up by a companion book in 2012. Joe Bergamini, who both appeared in the video and co-wrote the companion book with Neil, let me know that the book has been nominated for the "Best Educational Book" in a current Modern Drummer Readers Poll. To vote for the book, please click HERE.

In related news, Joe has also released a new book titled Arrival Drum Play-Along which features Zak Rizvi and Frank LaPlaca from Joe's band 4Front. Drummers who enjoy playing along to Rush would probably like jamming to these songs. You can find out about the book here: and

Finally, Joe also let me know that Neil wrote the foreword for a new Gavin Harrison drum …

Neil Peart News, Weather, and Sports Update - November 2013 - "Angels Landing"

Neil Peart has just posted a new update to his "News, Weather, and Sports" website blog. This November 2013 entry, titled "Angels Landing", highlights a recent trip Neil took around Southern California and Utah in his new Aston Martin Vanquish.

From the entry:To open on a positive note—or positive chord, more like, G Major perhaps—this is a portrait of a happy man. And we do not use the word “happy” lightly. The attainment of where he is standing (Angels Landing) will be recounted soon, but the back story is important, too. The rock combo he had played in for thirty-nine years was on “indefinite hiatus,” and his bandmates (the Guys at Work) had agreed not to even talk about work for at least a year.

(Just after the band’s tour ended, he was enjoying one of the pleasures of being home, the Sunday crossword, and saw this clue: “Rush job?” The answer was “rockconcert,” which made him smile—nice tribute!—but also think, “Not for a while!”)

So for the first time in ove…

Rush Inspired Apparel from Danforth & Pape

Update: Due to overwhelming demand, the folks at Danforth & Pape have requested your patience as they work through all of the orders they have received. As their official website is still under construction, working on orders via Facebook has proven a little challenging. Thank you for your patience and understanding.Danforth & Pape, a small T-shirt company based out of the United Kingdom, has produced several Rush-inspired designs over the past few months. Opening up their fall collection is a fantastic double-sided piece based on the famed Rocinante spaceship from Rush's classic Cygnus X-1 Book I: The Voyage.

From the designer:The Danforth & Pape Rocinante...
Formed in 1977, long before the creation of the Canadian Space Agency in 1989, Rocinante was a top secret Canadian space programme. Located at Rockfield Air Force Base on Cape Parry in the Northwest Territories, Rocinante was created to conduct an experimental mission to explore the constellation of Cygnus an…

Rush Clockwork Angels Tour Film - Limited Edition Deluxe Package Available from Rush Backstage Club

With the release date of Rush's forthcoming Clockwork Angels Tour concert film rapidly approaching (it's due out on November 19th), the Rush Backstage Club along with Rush.Com have just announced a special, limited edition deluxe package version of the concert film.

From the Backstage Club:The Rush Clockwork Angels Tour - Limited Edition Deluxe Package is a exclusive available from Rush Backstage Club. Packaged in a LP size casebound portfolio book, this limited edition set contains the Rush Clockwork Angels 3 CD set, DVD (2 disc) and Blu-Ray (1 disc). In addition, this package contains a 36 page tourbook unique to this set. This release is strictly limited and each unit is numbered out of 5000.The special edition lists for $99.99 and, as indicated above, is limited to a run of just 5,000 copies.

Those not interested in the deluxe edition can still pre-order the standard editions via the links below:2-disc DVD
3-disc CDThanks to GeddyWannaBe for the news.Rel…

Alex Lifeson Donates Self-Portrait Painting to the Kidney Foundation's 2013 A Brush of Hope Charity Auction

Update (11/04/2013): The auction is over and Alex Lifeson's self-portrait fetched an amazing $7,600 for charity! Congratulation to the winner!Alex Lifeson has taken to the canvas again, painting an interesting self-portrait which he has donated to the Kidney Foundation's 2013 A Brush of Hope Charity Auction. Alex has been participating in the annual auction for several years now, with the exception of last year due to the timing of the Clockwork Angels tour.

Lifeson's artwork, along with the donated works from dozens of other Canadian celebrities, will be auctioned off to raise money for the Brush of Hope charity. The auction, which is being held on is now underway and will run through November 3rd. To access the auction for Alex's painting, click HERE. And to view a larger version of Alex's painting, click HERE.

Additional information on the Kidney Foundation can be found HERE while specific information on the A Brush of Hope charity event is available…

Rush: A Brief History of Time, Part 11

It's been about nine months since the last update to Cygnus-X1.Net's Rush: A Brief History of Time; an ever-increasing archive of articles, interviews, reviews and advertisements about Rush that span every decade from the 70's onward and collected from the world over.

In this eleventh installment, 98 new articles and advertisements have been added; 14 from the 1970's, 50 from the 1980's, 15 from the 1990's, 6 from the 2000's and 13 from the current 2010 decade. This installment includes what may be the earliest mentions of Rush in Billboard Magazine - from 1973! Heavy emphasis on the release of Power Windows is reflected within many of the 80's articles while some insightful interviews with Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson about their respective solo albums is also included.

Below is a sample of this eleventh installment. To check out the entire segment, click HERE.

To check out all eleven installments of Rush: A Brief History of Time, including a chronolog…

Contestants on Battle of the Blades Skate to Rush's Closer to the Heart

What do you get when you combine Dancing With the Stars with Ice Hockey? The answer is simple - you get Battle of the Blades; a Canadian figure skating reality show from the CBC that brings two very different styles of skaters together: hockey players are paired with prominent figure skaters to perform figure skating routines.

This past Sunday's show had figure skater Amanda Evora and her Ice Hockey partner Scott Thornton perform to Rush's classic song Closer to the Heart.

The following YouTube Video Clip has the pair discussing the song selection and also includes their performance to Closer to the Heart.For more information on Battle of the Blades and to vote for Amanda and Scott, click HERE.

Thanks to Ed from RushIsABand for the news.

Rush's Clockwork Angels Tour Film - Coming to a Theater Near You?

While nothing has been officially announced yet, it appears that Rush's upcoming Clockwork Angels Tour DVD will make its theatrical debut on November 18th.

The concert film showed up on a listing for several Goodrich Quality Theaters; a chain of 30 movie theaters, headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI.

Additional listings are also available on MovieFone as well as Fandango, however showtimes are still not available.

We'll have more information on this news as it becomes available.

The Clockwork Angels Tour Video will be released on November 19th and can be pre-ordered via the links below:2-disc DVD
3-disc CDThanks to Joe Pesch for the news.Related News Stories
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New VH-1 Interview: Rush’s Geddy Lee Talks About New Live Recording

VH-1 has just posted a new interview with Geddy Lee where Rush's frontman discusses the band's upcoming Clockwork Angels Tour DVD.

From the article:since the release of 1976’s All The World’s A Stage, Rush has been thrilling fans with their live albums which have come out at regular intervals throughout their long career. The recent Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame inductees have used these recordings as bookends to their many different musical eras and to put their unparalleled musicianship on full display. The band is now poised to release the Clockwork Angels Tour which features performances from their 11 month 2012 tour which featured songs from the acclaimed album of the same name and rarely performed classics from their past. Rush singer and bassist Geddy Lee sat down with VH1 to talk about the new album and what place live records hold in the Rush legacy.To read the entire interview, click HERE.

The Clockwork Angels Tour Video will be released on November 19th and can be pr…

Clockwork Angels Tour Video Premiere - 'The Garden' Now Online

Update: (10/28/2013): Click HERE for the track premiere of 2112.Rush have just released a preview of their upcoming Clockwork Angels Tour Video. The preview track is a stellar version of The Garden.

Rolling Stone Magazine has also released the video premiere with an accompanying article at this LINK. From the article:When Rush hit the road last year to support their new album, Clockwork Angels, they decided to do something they'd never done before: invite additional musicians onto their stage. The new material had been recorded with a string section, and they wanted to do the album justice by bringing an eight-piece string ensemble on the road.

The tour – which featured a ton of 1980s tunes the band hadn't played in ages – was a huge success, and they recorded a show in Dallas for a DVD and CD that hits shelves on November 19th. (Click here to pre-order the DVD.) Here, you can watch an exclusive preview clip of the band playing "The Garden," the grand finale of Cloc…

Jacob Moon Covers Rush's Limelight On His Forthcoming Fascination CD

Update: Jacob has uploaded the entire version of Limelight. Click HERE to have a listen.Back in 2008, Canadian musician Jacob Moon performed an acoustic version of Rush's classic single Subdivisions on the rooftop of the Staircase Theatre in Hamilton, ON. The video performance quickly went viral among Rush circles and garnered universal praise. Jacob included his version of Subdivisions on his album The Loop.

Jacob's has been working on his next release, titled Fascination, which will include another Rush cover; Limelight. A preview clip of Jacob's performance of this seminal Rush classic has just been made available on SoundCloud.

Limelight was recorded with The David Barrett Trio, a band who worked with none other than Alex Lifeson in the production of their debut album. There is a video discussion between Jacob and David about the recording of Limelight and working with Rush's guitarist.

To pre-order a copy of Jacob's Fascination CD, please click through to ei…

Richard Chycki on recording Dream Theater, Rush and Jagger

Rush's sound engineer Richard Chycki, whose work includes Snakes & Arrows album and the release of Moving Pictures 5.1, discusses working with the band, as well as numerous other acts, in a new interview posted at MusicRadar.

Richard had this to say about working with Rush:“I got a call from Rush’s management in 2004 when they were doing a charity event in Canada. I was asked to do the recording and mixing for the TV broadcast. We had a lot of chemistry. They’re all really funny guys. We spent the time just laughing our faces off.

"A few months later, Al Lifeson asked me to mix their new R30 DVD. In the nine years since then, we’ve had 26 platinum and gold sales awards for all of the DVDs and albums we’ve done. Their main mantra at this point is to continue putting out music for their fans – they have done everything.

“The first time I really got to know Neil [Peart] was on Snakes And Arrows. He was warming up on his kit and I was setting up microphones. When the kit is s…

Rush to release 10” Picture Disc of “The Garden” for Black Friday

Rush.Com have just announced that the final track from their Clockwork Angels album “The Garden” will be released as a special 10" Picture Disc single on Black Friday (November 29th).

From the announcement:After a successful campaign last year for Record Store Day, Rush is again partnering with independent retail for an exclusive 10” picture disc for Black Friday – November 29th.

The 10” includes two versions of “The Garden” – the closing track from 2012’s Clockwork Angels. Side A features the studio version from the album, while Side B includes a live version of the song with the Clockwork Angels String Ensemble taken from the upcoming live release Clockwork Angels Tour. Designed by Crankbunny (Norma V. Toraya), the 10” features artwork from her stunning animated screen projections shown during the performance of The Garden during the Clockwork Angels tour.

This special 10” will be limited and available only for this special celebration of independent music retailers.For more i…

Rush's Vapor Trails Re-Enters the Billboard Charts at #35

Update (10/20/2013): In its second week on the charts, Vapor Trails Remixed has dropped precipitously, landing in the #137 position on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart.The release of the remixed version of Rush's Vapor Trails has propelled the album back on to the Billboard Charts, coming in at #35.

When Vapor Trails was first released back in 2002, the come-back album for the band peaked at position #6 on the charts.

Vapor Trails Remixed also landed on the #9 spot in Billboard's Top Rock Albums chart, #9 on Billboard's Tastemaker Albums chart and #3 on Billboard's Hard Rock Albums chart.

In other Vapor Trails Remixed news, David Bottrill, the man behind the remixed version of the album, discussed the process in this interview with PopDose.

Haven't ordered your copy of Vapor Trails Remixed yet? You can do so via the links below.
Vapor Trails Remix
Vapor Trails Remix (Vinyl 2-LP, 180 gram)Thanks to Michael Lynch for the news.Related News Stories
[Rush's Vapor Tra…

Geddy Lee Dives Into Rush's Video Timeline

Rolling Stone Magazine has just posted a new interview/article with Geddy Lee titled Geddy Lee Dives Into Rush's Video Timeline. In the article, Rush's front man chats about some of the band's most memorable music videos and fashion statements.

From the article:Geddy Lee is the first to admit that Rush do not have a great track record when it comes to making music videos, and their track record of picking stylish haircuts and outfits also leaves a bit to be desired. A few weeks ago, he sat down with Rolling Stone to discuss Rush's new live DVD and their future plans. Towards the end, we took out an iPad and showed him 10 Rush videos on YouTube. Sometimes, he looked a little horrified at his videos and haircuts, but he had a lot to say about all of them...The article includes links to various YouTube videos, including some great earlier videos for Working Man, Anthem, La Villa Strangiato and more.

To read through the entire article, click HERE.

Charity Auction Alert: Autographed Neil Peart Drum Head

DrumsForCures, Inc. DRUMSTRONG, an organization that sponsors events which raise awareness and funds for cancer programs globally, is currently holding a special charity auction. The item being auctioned off is a 14" drum head which was mounted on Neil Peart's original 1974 chrome Slingerland kit (affectionately known as "Chromey").

This head is not only autographed by Neil himself, but also by 18 celebrity drum artists who played on this drum head at PASIC in Indianapolis in 2009.

The auction runs through October 16th. Bids for the drum head can be made via this Ebay Page.

Thanks to Tom Bronkema for the news.

Alex Lifeson on God, Police Brutality and 'Disco Biscuits' - Classic Rock Magazine Interview

The November 2013 issue of Classic Rock Magazine includes a one-page feature on Alex Lifeson in the magazine's Heavy Load: Heavy Questions for Heavy Rockers column. The very atypical interview touches upon a variety of topics including Alex's religious beliefs (or lack thereof), drugs, his run-in with the police during his infamous New Years Eve party in 2003 and more.

One Rush-related question was asked:What, to you, are the worst songs that Rush ever recorded?

Tai Shan [from 1987's Hold Your Fire] is one of the worst, easily. And Panacea [part of the epic The Fountain of Lamneth from 1975's Caress of Steel]. It was an attempt at something that really didn't work out. It was ... innocent.You can read the entire article at this LINK.

Thanks to Ed from RushIsABand for the news and article scan.

Neil Peart to Appear on "Walk the Walk" Documentary

A new six-part documentary titled Walk the Walk will be airing on Global TV on Saturday October 12th at 10:00 pm. This special series focuses on the work being done by community heroes; celebrating their efforts by surprising each of them with a very special gift; a visit from one of Canada's Walk of Fame superstars. Neil Peart will be one of those heroes, visiting Karl Sloman. From the Walk The WalkFacebook page:NEIL PEART & KARL SLOMAN
Saturday October 12th - 10:00 p.m - Global TV

Karl Sloman is a drummer and music teacher who is innovative and giving. He broke the world record for continuous drumming by playing for 60 hours to benefit a Children’s Care Centre. Karl is passionate about teaching special needs students and leads a band of disabled musicians called Train Wreck. He invents and builds specialized electronic instruments for his students to play.

Neil Peart, drummer with the band Rush, is one of Karl’s biggest influences and heroes. Neil is widely recognized as …

Rush Album Certification Update

Over the years, Rush have been awarded numerous Gold and Platinum certifications from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for their millions of album sales within the United States. The band also received similar awards from the Music Canada Association as well as the British Recorded Music Industry (BPI).

While it has been quite a number of years since Rush have received any new album certifications from the RIAA, though they have received several for their video sales, the band has received a few new certifications from Music Canada and the BPI.

On June 27th, their latest album Clockwork Angels received a GOLD certification from Music Canada, indicating sales of at least 40,000 units.

Then on July 22nd, the BPI awarded a SILVER certification for 2112, indicating sales of at least 60,000 units in the U.K. as well as a SILVER certification for their compilation album The Spirit of Radio: Greatest Hits. The BPI also awarded a PLATINUM certification (sales of 50,000 …

Andy VanDette Interview - Mastering The Studio Albums 1989-2007

Sound engineer Any VanDette, who was responsible for remastering most of Rush's back catalogue, discusses both the new Studio Albums 1989-2007box set along with the remixed version of Vapor Trails in a new interview posted at The Masterdisk Record.

From the interview:Q: Can you compare the experience of re-mastering the Mercury catalog to the Atlantic albums?

Andy: Being the cutting edge technology band that Rush is, they were one of the first to embrace digital recording. Pushing the envelope to record 44.1 Khz 16 bit in the late 80′s seems a little short sighted today, but that probably felt pretty close to the cutting edge then. Early digital sounded very clear, but also very thin. I wish there had been analog safety copies of “Test for Echo”.

Q: Which do you think improved the most?

Andy: Well… “Vapor Trails” of course. I see why they had a hard time remastering the original mixes. So much of their energy is in the bottom octave 20-40Hz. You can roll it off, but so much of the mi…