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Rush's 2112 Reenters the Billboard Top 200 Album List at #121

Update (01/03/2017): The Liner Notes and Album Artwork pages are now online. Enjoy- With the release of the 40th Anniversary Edition of 2112 earlier this month, Rush's breakthrough concept album has reentered the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts at the #121 spot. This marks the 37th (non-consecutive) week that 2112 has retained a position in the Top 200 chart since its release back in 1976. Back when it first broke into the charts, the album reached a peak position of #61. This isn't the first time 2112 has reentered the charts. Back in December of 2012 , after the release of the 5.1 version of the album, 2112 reentered the Top 200 at the #138 spot. To view the entire Billboard Top 200 Chart, click HERE . Haven't ordered your copy of the 40th Anniversary of 2112 yet? You can do so via this LINK .

Yet Another Rush Reference on Family Guy - Video Clip Now Online

For the second time in three weeks, the FOX animated series Family Guy included another significant Rush reference during tonight's episode. Titled "How the Griffin Stole Christmas" (Season 15 Episode 9), the reference begins with Stewie lamenting how he has ruined Christmas, " the Little Drummer Boy when he got into Neil Peart..." Peart's last name was, unfortunately, pronounced incorrectly. A cut-scene then shows the Little Drummer Boy shedding his single drum for a Peart-inspired 13-drum kit. He then performs an impressive solo which ends with a note on a huge gong. The video clip can be viewed below, or directly at YouTube via this LINK . You can also enlarge the screen capture by clicking on the image. To view information, screen captures, and a clip of the Rush reference from the previous episode of Family Guy , which aired back on November 20th, click HERE .

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