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Geddy Lee Celebrates His 66th Birthday Today!

Geddy Lee (born Gary Lee Weinrib) is celebrating his 66th birthday today! Happy Birthday, Geddy -- and many happy returns! "Gary" was born in the small Toronto village of Willowdale. As many fans know, his given first name "Gary" transformed into "Geddy" during his high school days thanks to his mother's heavily-accented pronunciation of his name. In addition to his musical aspirations, some of Geddy's other interests include collecting fine wines and, of course, baseball. His wine collection is rumored to include some 5,000 bottles and his love of baseball is well documented. In fact back in 2013, Geddy threw out the ceremonial first pitch at the home opener for the Toronto Blue Jays - something he admittedly dreamed of doing for years. And of course Geddy officially became an authort with the release of his book - Geddy Lee's Big Beautiful Book of Bass . In addition to today being Geddy's birthday, it is also the 45th anniv

New Rush Jigsaw Puzzles Available from Zee Productions

Zee, a UK-based company known for creating jigsaw puzzles based on rock band album covers such as Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, has just announced a new line of puzzles based on four classic Rush album covers. The new collection of 500-piece puzzles will be based on Rush's Fly By Night, A Farewell to Kings, Permanent Waves, and Moving Pictures . They've also announced the release of Metallica's Kill 'Em All, Ride The Lightning, Master Of Puppets, and …And Justice For All . Each one of the 500-piece puzzles, which comes in a box that's about the size of a vinyl record sized, will be released on September 20th. Grab your pre-orders here for £17.99 / $22.50 each.

New Rush Inspired Merchandise from Classic Frock

Classic Frock , an online clothing brand which designs clothing for fans of Classic Rock music, have just launched their first band-specific line of merchandise. The band they chose to launch their new line is, of course, Rush :-) From the Classic Frock website: We focus on specific genres and bands and we introduce new ideas and clothing ranges in line with what our customers want - watch out for our polls on the home page to suggest the next Band we want to focus on. You can access the Classic Frock Rush-specific storefront via this LINK . To help celebrate the launch of their new line of merchandise, Classic Frock is offering up a 10% discount for all Cygnus-X1 visitors. Simply use the coupon code CYGNUSX1NET at check-out to get the discount. In addition, Classic Frock is holding an 'Inspired by Rush' give-away. Complete details are available HERE . Look for many more Rush-inspired items to hit the storefront in the near future, as well as items celebrating othe

Fantoons Descends on San Diego's Comic-Con With New Rush Merchandise

Fantoons , the creators of numerous, official Rush books, artwork, apparel, and other merchandise, have once again descended on San Diego's Comic-Con this week, bringing with them a plethora of Rush merchandise, including the updated version of their RUSH Coloring Book , which will also go on sale at the end of the month. However the big news coming out of the Fantoons camp will be the premiere of their anxiously awaited Rush: The Making of A Farewell to Kings: The Graphic Novel . Even though the graphic novel isn't scheduled to go on sale until September, visitors to Fantoon's booth will be able to get their hands on this impressive hard-cover book via the early Comic-Con sale. Fantoons will also be holding a panel with their own David Calcano on Thursday from 10-11am at Grand 12 & 13 in the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina. The panel, titled From Fan to Work For the Band , will be moderated by writer/actor Ryan J. Downey. If you're attending the San Diego

Progressive Icons Talk Rush in PROG Magazine's 100th Issue

PROG Magazine is celebrating the release of its 100th issue with a feature titled 100 Icons That Changed Our World . In the issue, John Petrucci and Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater and Alan Reed of Pallas share their thoughts about Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart, and Geddy Lee respectively, and how the three members of Rush have influenced them during their own careers. From the issue: Alex Lifeson by John Petrucci (Dream Theater) “Alex Lifeson is such a big influence on me in so many ways. You know how it is when you discover a band as a teenager, you just get so invested in it. The first couple of Rush albums, I literally learned every song, and me and my friends, including John Myung, we jammed to all that stuff. I think from learning all those songs, it’s just ingrained as part of my style. I remember dissecting YYZ and learning the guitar solo and all these different techniques of hammer-ons and pull-offs, even the scales that Alex used. I use that stuff all the time with Dream The

Geddy Lee Announces Six More U.S. Dates For His Big Beautiful Book of Bass Signing Tour

Geddy Lee and Rush.Com have just announced six more U.S. dates for his ongoing Big Beautiful Book of Bass Signing Tour. From the announcement: Hot off the Euro book tour, we are now excited to announce more US cities Geddy will be appearing in and he is looking forward to seeing you all! As an exclusive offering to RUSH Newsletter Members, we are giving you first dibs on access to Geddy Lee's Big Beautiful Book of Bass US Tour. Get your event tickets now before they go on-sale to the public at 9amET on July 9th. Full list of dates below: Nashville, TN @ The Basement East - July 14th ( BUY TICKETS ) St. Louis, Mo @ Left Bank Books - July 15th ( BUY TICKETS ) Chicago, IL @ Barnes & Noble by Lincoln Park - July 17th ( BUY TICKETS ) Boston, MA @ Brookline Booksmith - July 18th ( BUY TICKETS ) Philadelphia, PA @ Barnes & Noble - July 19th ( BUY TICKETS ) Atlanta, GA @ Acapella Books - July 20th ( BUY TICKETS ) Additional details are available at

Alex Lifeson Talks About Rush Touring with Rory Gallagher

Alex Lifeson recently sat down with MusicVaultz to talk about famed guitarist Rory Gallagher, reminiscing about when Rush opened for him back when they were out touring in support of their debut album in 1974. Years later, Gallagher would open for Rush during their Signals tour. The interview with Lifeson, which can be viewed below, was also transcribed by Ultimate-Guitar.Com , a sample of which is included below: "He was in a lot of ways a great rock guitarist. He had so much energy in his playing, and he wasn't the typical blues player. He had a style of his own, and it was a reflection of his soul, truly. "His vocals and his guitar playing together made for this really really special thing, that very few people had." Rush opened for Rory in 1974 . Can you tell us about that tour? "We were doing a lot of sporadic dates; we had some club dates mixed in that we were headlining small, like, bars, but we did some dates with some other bands that we reall

Don Felder Talks Rush, Neil Peart, and his New Solo Album

Back in January we reported that Alex Lifeson would be making a guest appearance on Don Felder's New Album American Rock 'n' Roll . The album was released this past April and the former Eagles' guitarist and songwriter has been promoting it ever since. In an interview that appeared in MusicLifeMagazine.Net, Felder talks about how he came to ask Lifeson to perform on his album, as well as meeting Neil Peart for the first time. From the interview: One of the guests to perform on the album brought a bit of Canadiana to what is an album celebrating the best of American rock music, as Felder enlisted Rush axe-master Alex Lifeson to play on the song Charmed. “I actually met [Rush drummer] Neil Peart before I met Alex. Neil’s little girl and my little boy actually went to the same preschool together, so we became friends and went to dinner and he would come to birthday parties at my house and school events and just hang out. About two and a half years ago he came to a

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