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Geddy Lee Interviewed in the December Issue of Classic Rock Magazine

The December 2018 issue of the UK's Classic Rock magazine includes a new, lengthy interview with Geddy Lee. The interview touches upon numerous topics including early influences, Geddy's continuing fascination with bass guitars, his upcoming Big Beautiful Book Of Bass coffee table book, and his various and extensive collections:Remarkably, you've only been collecting bass guitars since 2012, but you've always collected, haven't you?
All my life: wine, baseballs, art, stamps! For me, these things, these obsessions are windows into time and culture that goes beyond the thing you're holding in your hands, a guitar can tell you a little something about the history of California in the 1950s, or what were The Beatles doing in Hamburg when they walked into a guitar store and saw a certain model on the wall and changed the world. I look at wine and baseball and art and music and craftsmanship as things that have an aura about them that resonates more than the thing …

Rush Reference on Family Guy - Video and Screen Caps Now Online

Tonight's Episode of Fox's animated series Family Guy contained a fairly lengthy Rush reference. In the episode titled Regarding Carter (Season 17, Episode 5), Peter is scolded by Brian for the time he didn't wear black jeans to a Rush concert. The clip then cuts to a Rush concert where the animated representation of Geddy Lee asks Peter what he's wearing, to which Peter replies "What? These are my concert khakis."

The clip takes an unfortunate turn as Geddy calls for the crowd to "Beat Him! Beat Him in 6/8th time!".

You can view an MP4 video version of the clip by clicking HERE or via the embedded player below.Your browser does not support HTML5 video. This isn't the first time Rush has made an appearance on the animated series. In fact back in 2016, Rush had two significant references. Click HERE and HERE for screen captures and videos of those appearances.

NEW Limited Edition Prints by Alex Lifeson Available November 1st

The Kidney Foundation of Canada has just announced the availability of limited edition prints by Alex Lifeson. Limited to just 100 copies and titled 20,000 Feet Over The Sea, each print has an ORIGINAL signature by Alex Lifeson. The image size is: 12" W x 12" H (with a 2.5" border). Print size: 17" W x 17" H

From the announcement:Now, The Kidney Foundation of Canada, Atlantic Branch and Canadian great, Alex Lifeson, have teamed up to produce another round of exclusive limited edition prints. Only 100 prints have been made of '20,000 Feet Over The Sea'. Each print is numbered and Alex Lifeson has personally signed each individual print. That's right, each print has Alex Lifeson's ORIGINAL signature on it. The print is on high quality, heavy stock, acid free paper. In addition, each print comes with a certificate of authenticity, signed by the Executive Director of the Atlantic Branch of The Kidney Foundation of Canada, confirming that the pri…