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Rush's Debut Album to Receive 40th Anniversary Reissue

With Rush celebrating their 40th Anniversary next year, the band has decided to re-issue their debut album. The news comes from a brief mention in a Globe and Mail article: "...Hamilton cites the Canadian hard-rock trio Rush as an example of active partners in the process, saying the band members are “very involved” in next year’s 40th-anniversary reissue of the group’s self-titled debut album..." No other details have been announced nor has there been any official word from the band. It's interesting to note that, among all of the studio albums Rush have released, their debut is the only album that did not include lyrics . Perhaps this oversight will be corrected in the re-issue. There's also the possibility that Rush's first two singles - "Not Fade Away" and "You Can't Fight It" - may appear in the re-issue as bonus tracks. As most fans know, "Not Fade Away" was a cover of the Buddy Holly song, while "You Can't

Clockwork Angels: The Graphic Novel Now Available for Pre-Order

Last month we reported that the novelization of Clockwork Angels would be released in March of 2014 as a graphic novel. Kevin J Anderson recently posted an update about the graphic novel to his blog : The comic adaptation of CLOCKWORK ANGELS proceeds full steam ahead, and everything is going like clockwork! Boom! Studios will release the first issue in mid-March of the six-issue series. I’ve written the first script, with the enthusiastic Neil Peart stamp of approval, and we’ve also looked at the work of various artists that Boom! suggested. We were very pleased to see the samples from Nick Robles, best known for his work in the gaming industry, and we felt that his style had the right kind of flavor, a flair for color, sense of wonder, innocence, fabulous imagination. Neil and I both loved his work. And when Nick started sending a flood of concept sketches of the characters—Owen Hardy, Mr. Paquette, Lavinia, the Pedlar, the Watchmaker, the Anarchist—and steamliners, the pedlar

Experiencing Rush: A Listener's Companion Book Coming in 2014

Durrell Bowman, who was one of the co-editors of the 2011 book on Rush titled Rush and Philosophy: Heart and Mind United is currently working on a follow-up book on Rush. Experiencing Rush: A Listener's Companion is slated for a 2014 release: Introduction: Why Rush? The Canadian rock band Rush has mainly explored an eccentric, album-oriented “progressive hard rock” style, sometimes bridging it with heavy metal (especially in the 1970s), new wave and synth rock (1980s), and alternative rock (1990s). In its music, lyrics, and career path, Rush has remained stubbornly individualist, and its several dozen albums (45 million sold) and major concert tours have appealed to musicians and others interested in certain types of structural complexities and serious issues. The group continued to pursue its own path well into the 2000s and in 2013 was inducted into the US-based Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The band is Geddy Lee (bass guitar and vocals), Alex Lifeson (guitars), and Neil P

Rush Sponsoring the "Twelve Days of Rush" Holiday Give-Away

Rush have just announced a new holiday contest called the Twelve Days of Rush where, beginning on Friday, December 13th, one lucky person each day will be selected to receive a special gift. From the Newsletter announcement: Happy Holidays to all of our RUSH fans! We are getting in the holiday spirit and giving you 12 Days of Rush. Starting Friday December 13, we will be giving away a special RUSH prize each day until the 24th. What will be decking the halls? Check back on , @rushtheband on Twitter or Rush on Facebook each day from December 13th to the 24th to see what new prize will be unveiled. Prizes may include a new RUSH DVD, a set of Bobblehead dolls or even something rare and collectible! Since you're getting this email, you are already included in the list for the draw each day. However, we kindly ask you to update your info here so we can be better at sending area-specific emails to you for specific shows and events. Rush mailing list:

'Clockwork Angels' a Heavenly Comics Debut for Rush - Owen Hardy Character Design Revealed

It was last month when we first announced that Rush's Clockwork Angels album and novel would be produced as a six-issue graphic novel. Kevin J. Anderson, who penned the original novel, will be working on the graphic novel as well. Today, USA Today posted an article about the graphic novel adaptation. In the article, titled 'Clockwork Angels' a heavenly comics debut for Rush , the first character designs of Owen Hardy, the young protagonist of Clockwork Angels were revealed. From the article: With a feel and tone of Norman Rockwell crossed with The Hobbit, Clockwork Angels introduces teenage Owen Hardy, an assistant apple-orchard manager in a small, out-of-the-way British country village who's in line to get a major promotion when he turns 18. However, he wants to leave the Tick Tock Tavern and other familiar spots behind to find his fate in the metropolis of Crown City. Click HERE to read the entire article. Thanks to reader RushFanForver for the news. R

Rush's Subdivisions Covered by Heaven Below - With Help From William Shatner

In a post that is certainly fitting for Cygnus-X1.Net, the Los Angeles based hard-rock group Heaven Below has just released a four-track LP album titaled Sleeping Giants . Among the included tracks in the LP is a cover of Rush's Subdivisions which includes a guest appearance by none other than William Shatner of Star Trek fame. Yes the worlds of Rush and Trek having finally collided. Shatner lends his voice to the chorus of "Subdivisions" during the song. But it doesn't stop there. The famed actor and starship captain also inserts a tribute to Rush's classic opus 2112 at the end of the song. This is one that should not be missed :) While you can purchase the track at Amazon , you can also watch the video of the song via the embedded viewer below or directly at this LINK . Thanks to Ed from RushIsABand for passing along the news and video clip.

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