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R50: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the release of Rush's Debut Album

On March 18th, 1974 , a typically cold day in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada, Rush released their self-titled debut album; the only album featuring their original drummer and co-founder John Rutsey. Though Rush was considered a fairly successful debut album for the band, the production and recording process wasn't without its share of issues. Recording began at Toronto's Eastern Sound back in April of 1973 with producer David Stock, and was completed within two days. The results, however, were less than stellar. The band made the difficult - and expensive - decision to re-record most of the album at Toronto Sound in October where they also enlisted the services of Terry Brown. The second recording of the album led to the dropping of some songs, including their first single Not Fade Away . The initial recordings of Finding My Way, Need Some Love, and Here Again took place during this time. Recording, mixing, and editing was completed within a couple of weeks and

Alex Lifeson Featured in the May 2024 Issue of Guitar World Magazine

The upcoming May 2024 issue of Guitar World magazine features a lengthy interview with Alex Lifeson where the discussion centers around a deep dive into his new line of signature Lerxst gear — amps, pedals and the new Limelight guitar (which is based on his original Hentor Sportscaster). In addition to his gear, Alex does discuss the possibility of making music with Geddy in the future and his time with his friend on the recent My Effin' Life In Conversation Tour "...I will say that doing this book tour with Geddy [for Lee’s 2023 memoir, My Effin’ Life], I did a few of the stops with him, and it’s kind of reignited interest in us getting out and playing. And the shows that we did last year for Taylor Hawkins [at the 2022 Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concerts] were inspiring, too. So for a little while I thought, you know, it’d be kind of good to get back out. And then I thought… nah, not really. [Laughs] I mean, we toured for 40 years. I’m not interested in going back ou

Rush for Cover Tribute Album and Charity Auction Coming April 26th

Mention the band RUSH to a music fan and they might describe the legendary Canadian trio as being well known for complex arrangements, powerful drumming, bombastic out-of-this-world synth and the fearlessness. Twice As High Records and JIB Machine Records aren’t trying to recreate that sound note-for-note in their joint release, “RUSH FOR COVER”, landing Friday, April 26; they’re trying to recreate that awesome feeling listening to these songs. “RUSH FOR COVER” features nine, new interpretations of classic RUSH songs by an international cast of independent, underground artists (none of whom are trios themselves). “RUSH FOR COVER” is a RUSH tribute album created by RUSH fans for RUSH fans. The album will be available on opaque creamsicle and opaque sky blue vinyl along with a limited digital release. Pre-sales begin Friday, March 15, via . Coinciding with the pre-sales is a charity auction that includes the original painting used for the cover of the album by fan and

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