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Neil Peart Pens 100th Birthday Tribute to Buddy Rich in October 2017 Issue of Rhythm Magazine

September 30th will mark the 100th Birthday of legendary jazz drummer, Buddy Rich. Rich has been an inspirational to countless drummers over the years including, of course, Neil Peart. The October 2017 issue of Rhythm Magazine includes numerous tributes to Rich from such notable drummers as Bill Ward, Stewart Copeland, Jimmy Chamberlin, Steve Smith, Mark Guiliana, and Travis Barker. Neil Peart also penned a tribute, which can be read at this LINK . Here's an excerpt from Peart's tribute: "I was rehearsing for a tour once at Drum Channel in the 2000s, just me and my drums. At lunch I'd sometimes watch a little television with Don Lombardi and Terry Bozzio, and with Don engaged in building the library for the Drum Channel, our topic was Buddy. We went through the footage one piece after another, on slo-mo, trying to determine how he did it. "That the 'it' was sublime seems given — and was. Buddy was truly the master of everything. For the novice, B

Geddy Lee Interview (Part 1) with Signature SansAmp GED-2112 Manufacturer Now Online

It was back in January when we first reported that Geddy Lee was teaming up with Tech 21 to create the new Geddy Lee Signature SansAmp GED-2112. The GED-2112 is a bass preamp in a single rackspace unit that features parallel pre-amping – meaning two separate internal preamps that run in parallel. It has a Drive section based on the SansAmp RPM as well as a Deep preamp section that dishes out a low end boost. Recently, Tech 21 sat down with Geddy in his home studio to discuss the amp. Part 1 of the interview is now online. You can watch it via the player below, or directly at this LINK . The Tech 21 Geddy Lee Signature SansAmp: GED-2112 is expected later this year with a street price of $369. For more information, click HERE .

Geddy Lee will appear on AXS TV's The Big Interview with Dan Rather on October 24th

The new season of AXS TV's The Big Interview with Dan Rather kicks off this October 10th. The nine-episode series will feature Rather conducting candid, up-close-and-personal interviews with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. The opening episode will feature Sharon Osbourne. Geddy Lee will be among those interviewed, with his segment airing on October 24th. From the press release: The new season also includes iconic Grammy-winning California native rockers The Doobie Brothers, as Rather chats with band members Tom Johnston, Patrick Simmons, and John McFee on Oct. 17. Canadian rock icon and renowned Rush front man Geddy Lee is up next on Oct. 24, followed by introspective folk songstress Jewel on Oct. 31, and actor Kiefer Sutherland, who is taking a leap into country music on Nov. 7. Blues-rock legend Steve Miller follows on Nov. 14, game-changing English rocker and guitar legend Peter Frampton joins Rather on Nov. 21 and famed E Street Band axe-man/act

Neil Peart Celebrates His 65th Birthday Today

Today marks the 65th birthday of Rush drummer and lyricist extraordinaire Neil Peart. Neil (born Neil Ellwood Peart) came into the world on September 12th in 1952 Hamilton, Ontario. He grew up in Port Dalhousie, Ontario, Canada (now part of St. Catharines) working the occasional odd job including the role of a Parts Manager for his father Tractor Supply company. His true ambition, however, was to become a professional musician. During adolescence, he floated from regional band to regional band and dropped out of high school to pursue a career as a full-time drummer. He had a short stint with J.R. Flood back in 1970, before he decided to move abroad to further his musical studies. However, after a discouraging stint in England, Peart returned home where he joined a local Toronto band called Rush in the summer of 1974. And the rest, as they say, is history. Peart has been relatively quiet of late, save for the release of his book - Far and Wide - last year. He is, no doubt,

Art of Rush European Edition, Available September 12th

The Art of Rush European Edition will be available for purchase in extremely limited quantities. Packaged in a luxury, hand-crafted woodbox, this edition comes hand-signed by the band and Hugh Syme and is hand-numbered out of 350. The release includes several bonus items, including a custom slipcase, two lithos, and a Hugh Syme designed Starman vellum page. This release has been titled “European” due to feedback from fans in Europe, who were faced with the hurdle of high shipping charges on the original Art of Rush Limited Edition releases. To accommodate these fans Rush Backstage is offering local shipping rates for all customers ordering from the UK and Europe. 350 units will be available for $995 USD. For full details and to purchase, visit the Rush Backstage on September 12th at 3pm London (UK) Time / 10am ET North America. The U.S. edition of the book is also available from the Backstage Club via this LINK .

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