Rush and MusiCounts Sponsor 2016 Teacher of the Year Award

Rush and MusiCounts Sponsor 2016 Teacher of the Year Award
Canada’s music education charity MusiCounts alongside Rush, are the sponsors behind the 2016 Teacher of the Year award which recognizes teachers with outstanding dedication to inspiring and nurturing the musical growth of Canadian youth.

This year, Don Bossé of Fredericton High School (FHS) in Fredericton, NB was the recipient of the award, which was given to him by both Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson.

From the announcement:
At the surprise presentation to Bossé, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson spoke about the reasons they chose to support this award. “When everything you have in life has come from the fountain of music, you want to spread that around and you want to encourage others,” said Lee. “Music is a fantastic way to enrich your life and to express yourself, so to encourage teachers to help young people find that in themselves is a very noble cause.” “It’s also way more fun than math,” added Lifeson.

Drummer Neil Peart, although not able to be a part of the presentation, recalled the three teachers (referred to as his Holy Trinity) that had a profound influence on him: “Freddie Gruber, Peter Erskine and Don George, who was my first drum teacher from my hometown of St. Catharines. Don gave me my most important encouragement at the age of 13 by telling me I could be a drummer if I wanted to be – that meant a lot.”
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  1. Peter Erskine one of the greatest drum teacher of this Galaxy! :)


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