ABC's The Goldbergs Promises Significant Rush Reference in Upcoming Episode

Rush Reference on The Goldbergs
ABC's television comedy The Goldbergs, which is now in its third season, has had a number of Rush sightings (typically of the t-shirt variety as the image to the right reflects) over the course of its run. However there may be a much more significant Rush reference in the upcoming April 13th episode which is titled, appropriately, "Rush".

From the DirectTV description of the episode (Season 3, Episode 21):
Beverly smothers Barry when he tells her that she favors Adam; Murray is not happy about Erica's new boyfriend who is a Rush fanatic.
The episode will air Wednesday, April 13th at 9:30PM EST on the ABC network.

For more information about The Goldbergs, check out the official ABC series page HERE.

Thanks to reader ‎Janice Ross for the news.


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