Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson May Form "LeeLifeson" Group

Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson May Form Update: Eddie Trunk has posted several tweets, including this one where he clarifies that he was only speculating on the formation of the LeeLifeson group. There has been no official word from Rush or their management, however they did re-tweet Trunk's comment.
It's been over two years since Rush performed their final(?) show on their R40 40th Anniversary tour. Since that time, there has been plenty of speculation about the future of the band, with most eyes focused squarely on Neil Peart who, for all intents and purposes, has retired. Though there has been no formal acknowledgement of any kind from the band or their management about Rush's future, it has been clear that, while Neil may be retired, Geddy does want to continue in some fashion, and Alex is at least open to the idea.

During a recent broadcast from the House of Blues in Houston, long-time Rush friend and Rock interviewer/commentator Eddie Trunk hinted at the possibility of a Lee/Lifeson group called, fittingly, LeeLifeson. Rush fan Tomas Driscoll, who was in the audience during the broadcast, asked Eddie about his opinion on Rush's future. Eddie began by commenting on Neil Peart, and his thoughts about the Rush drummer:
"...He’s out. I think he’s done…done…done. However Geddy is the total opposite. I talked to Geddy a couple times… and Geddy told me he is actually reinvigorated. He told me at the time he made some changes to his diet which helped his voice…and he had a ton of energy, and he wanted to make music and continue in some way.

Alex seems to be somewhere in the middle. Alex has said publicly he absolutely wants to do some stuff again. He’s doing some producing, he’s doing some writing.

There has been talk about a band called LeeLifeson, which would be the two of them going out and doing stuff together. They would never call it Rush. Those guys are too classy…they would never do that… They would call it potentially LeeLifeson, maybe play some Rush tunes and make new music, because they want to continue to create new music as well.

I’ve heard rumors about that….it’s up to them..."
You can listen to the entire question and answer via the embedded player below, or directly at this LINK.

Thanks to Tomas Driscoll for passing along the news and, of course, posing the question to Eddie Trunk.


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