The Next Hemisphere: A Rush Tribute by Fleesh Now Available

The Next Hemisphere: A Rush Tribute by Fleesh Now AvailableThroughout the years, there have been a number of tribute albums dedicated to the music of Rush. Releases such as 1996's Working Man to 2012's The Royal Philharmonics Orchestra Plays the Music of Rush, each has put an interesting spin on the band's extensive catalog of music.

Over the past year, the Brazilian rock project Fleesh, formed by Gabby Vessoni and Celo Oliveira, have been releasing several Rush cover songs on YouTube, including their moving version of The Pass. Spirited by the overwhelming positive reception of their Rush covers, the band has just announced the release of The Next Hemispheres; their 14-track Rush cover album which is available on several digital platforms.

From the band's announcement:
After two months of hard work recording and mixing - and an year of studying - it’s finally here!

You have no idea how recording this album made us grow as artists. When you listen to Rush, you know how incredible their songs are but, once you try to play it, it goes to a whole new level of greatness. Playing those songs made us learn so much about music… and we’re really glad we recorded this album!

We really hope we made justice in this tribute. If you like it, you can contribute with us and Rush by buying our album in the links below! We also created a playlist on Youtube with all the songs! :)
The album is available via the following digital retailers:
  • Amazon
  • iTunes
  • Spotify
  • Google Play
  • For more information on Fleesh, please visit their official Facebook Page.

    Thanks to Fleesh's lead singer, Gabby Vessoni, for passing along the news.


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