The Missing Tourbook Collection - Now Available at the Rush Backstage Club

The Missing Tourbook Collection - Now Available at the Rush Backstage Club

As most fans know, the first official Rush tourbook was released during the band's North American tour in support of their breakthrough album 2112. After that point, a new tourbook would be made available as the band toured in support of all future studio albums. Unfortunately Rush's tours that supported their debut album, Fly By Night, and Caress of Steel never received the tourbook treatment - until now.

The Rush Backstage Club has just announced the release of the Missing Tourbook Collection; three new tourbooks that celebrate the tours of the band's first three studio albums. From the RBC listing:

While leafing through your Rush tourbook collection, have you ever noticed there are three studio album tours with no tourbook? We had to correct this! And correct we have done, with The Missing Tourbooks Collection. We went back in time, collecting photos, artwork, gear lists and much more from the tours for RUSH, Fly By Night, and Caress Of Steel. One benefit we had with this project is the ability to use modern 2020 printing techniques and materials, resulting in three unique tourbooks. The Fly By Night tourbook is HUGE, the RUSH tourbook feels great, and the Caress tourbook, well it just shines.
The Tourbook collection can be purchased as a set for $79.99 (which will also include a bonus lithograph of the cover of the Fly By Night tourbook.), or individually for $29.99 each. Use any of the links below to place your order.

  • The Missing Tourbook Collection.
  • Rush: The 1974 Tourbook.
  • Rush: The Fly By Night Tourbook.
  • Rush: The Caress of Steel Tourbook.

    To access all of the previously released tourbooks, please visit the main Cygnus-X1 website at this LINK.

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