Neil Peart Featured in the November Issue of Rhythm Magazine - Selected Article Excerpts Now Online

Neil Peart Featured in the November Issue of Rhythm Magazine - Selected Article Excerpts Now Online

The November 2020 issue of the UK's Rhythm Magazine features Neil Peart on the cover and includes an extensive tribute to the late Rush drummer. The cover feature article titled The Measure of a Life and penned by Chuck Parker is a poignant look back at the life and inspiration of Neil's body of work; not only as a drummer but also as a writer and lyricist. From the piece:

In addition to Peart’s immeasurable impact in the music and drumming world, his other artistic contribution was his love of the written word. This was apparent through his command of language, whether writing or speaking about an idea, be it in a song, interview or book. Peart always seemed to use the perfect word or phrase to convey his thoughts.

Many music lovers had difficulty getting past bassist and singer Geddy Lee’s unique vocals. To some, he was a wailing banshee while others thought his original sound fit Rush perfectly. But even those who couldn’t get past Lee’s singing had to admit the proficiency of Peart's prose.

Peart had a way of making the most complex topic simple and shined a light on simple things that turned out to be complex. I always think of the song ‘The Trees’ off the Hemispheres release. In prose that Peart himself has shrugged off as simplistic, the song tells a story of equal rights achieved by drastic measures, wrapped in a progressive musical package. It is just one example of Peart’s command of lyrical metaphor and allegory.

In addition to his talent as lyricist for the band, Peart also wrote several books. Most relate to his experiences travelling, either while touring or on his own. Neil was famous for either motorcycling or bicycling between gigs while on tour. One of his most poignant books is Ghost Rider, which chronicles his experience of suffering not one, but two fatal tragedies. The first involving the death of his daughter in an automobile accident, and the second, the death of his wife barely a year later. Neil was famously private throughout his life, but if you wish to know him, you merely have to read his words.
The issue contains several other Peart-centric articles including a section titled Peers on Peart where fellow artists share their memories of Neil and how he influenced their own approach to drumming. There's also a touching section called Memories of Neil... which includes numerous tributes to The Professor .

Also included in an article penned by Mike Portnoy where is discusses a collection of Rush albums that influenced his life and playing. Finally, there's a section on The Drum Sets of Neil Peart which is an exhaustive look at the history and evolution of Neil's kits through the years.

Selected excepts from the issue is now available online HERE.

You can also purchase a print or digital copy of this issue directly from the Rhythm Magazine website.


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