Geddy Lee's 'In Conversation' Tour Ends its North American Run in Toronto

Geddy Lee's 'In Conversation' Tour Ends its North American Run in Toronto

Update: George Stroumboulopoulos is co-hosting tonight as well.

Update: Confirmation - - Alex Lifeson is hosting tonight! Here's a short video of his introduction.
Update: Based on this sign hanging outside the venue, it appears the show will be filmed tonight. In addition, Alex Lifeson was spotted backstage while several Barbie dolls were seen on stage.
Over the past three weeks, Geddy Lee has been traveling across the United States and Canada as he celebrates the release of his memoir, My Effin' Life with his spoken-word 'In Conversation' tour. Speaking to near-capacity crowds in virtually every venue, Geddy has been joined by a wide variety of guest hosts each night, including Paul Rudd, Matt Cameron, Jack Black, Chad Smith, and more. As he ends the North American run of his tour tonight in his hometown of Toronto at the famed Massey Hall, one has to wonder if a certain best friend and guitarist may make an appearance (Check back here for updates as the evening progresses).

The tour has been met with critical praise as Geddy opens up on various, personal topics including his upbringing in Canada as the son of holocaust survivors, his early musical influences, challenges of starting Rush, and being fired early on by one Alex Lifeson, to the still-painful impact of losing Neil Peart in 2020 to cancer. For a soul who cherishes his privacy, this tour offers a window into the man who has fronted Rush for nearly five decades while inspiring legions of fans with his musical prowess, fierce intelligence, and sobering humility.

Each show contains three distinct parts; a back-and-forth interview with the guest host, followed by Geddy's narration of a couple chapters from his memoir. After a short intermission, Geddy returns to read another chapter from his book before he and the guest host field pre-submitted questions from the fans in attendance. Geddy peering out into the crowd in search of the fans that submitted the selected questions must be a thrill for those lucky enough to be in the momentary spotlight with him. By all accounts, the questions have been varied and thoughtful, with Geddy spending a fair amount of time on each subject.

After a brief respite, Geddy will travel across the pond to finish out his tour with five nights across the United Kingdom, including stops in London, Sheffield, and Glasgow. As of this writing, there's no word if Geddy plans to resume the tour with additional dates however, given the overwhelmingly positive reception, it certainly is a possibility.

For those attending tonight's show or those in the United Kingdom later this month, you are all in for a treat. Enjoy!

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