Alex Lifeson to Appear on Rik Emmett's Upcoming Solo Album

Alex Lifeson to Appear on Rik Emmett's Upcoming Solo Album
According to the Rock Music news site Hennemusic, Alex Lifeson is set to appear on the upcoming Rik Emmett solo album. As many Rush fans know, Emmett was originally part of another Canadian rock trio - Triumph.

In addition to Lifeson's appearance on the yet-unnamed album, bassist Mike Levine and drummer Gil Moore, both from the original Triumph lineup, will also join Emmett. This will mark the first time all three members of Triumph have worked together since working on their 1987 album Surveillance. Dream Theater vocalist James LaBrie is also reportedly working on the project.

Lifeson and Emmett are no strangers to working together. They worked together on "Beyond Borders", which was part of the Canadian Guitar Summit special that appeared in the July 1987 Issue of Guitar Player magazine. They also collaborated on Dream On The Horizon (A Tribute To The Olympic Spirit) in 1988.

For more information about Emmett's album, which is due out later this year, please click HERE.


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