Rush's Two-Part "Cygnus X-1" Suite to be Released as a 12-inch Vinyl on Record Store Day

Rush's Two-Part
Update: We've now confirmed that Hugh Syme has created new artwork for this release. The image to the right appears to reflect some of the artwork. More to come.
The 10th Annual Record Store Day event will take place on Saturday, April 22nd. As they have done several times in the past, Rush will have a special release available.

According to a posting from The Future Heart, Rush will be releasing the complete Cygnus X-1 Suite, which includes Book I: The Voyage and Book II: Hemispheres). The songs will be released on a 12-inch EP, 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl. It will include an insert, and will have a limited run of just 5,000 copies.

There is unconfirmed news that the release will also include new, original artwork by longtime Rush artist Hugh Syme.

For more information about the Record Store Day event, and to find a participating store near you, please click HERE.

Thanks to reader Joe Pesch for sharing the news.


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