Neil Peart Pens 100th Birthday Tribute to Buddy Rich in October 2017 Issue of Rhythm Magazine

Neil Peart Pens 100th Birthday Tribute to Buddy Rich in October 2017 Issue of Rhythm MagazineSeptember 30th will mark the 100th Birthday of legendary jazz drummer, Buddy Rich. Rich has been an inspirational to countless drummers over the years including, of course, Neil Peart.

The October 2017 issue of Rhythm Magazine includes numerous tributes to Rich from such notable drummers as Bill Ward, Stewart Copeland, Jimmy Chamberlin, Steve Smith, Mark Guiliana, and Travis Barker. Neil Peart also penned a tribute, which can be read at this LINK.

Here's an excerpt from Peart's tribute:
"I was rehearsing for a tour once at Drum Channel in the 2000s, just me and my drums. At lunch I'd sometimes watch a little television with Don Lombardi and Terry Bozzio, and with Don engaged in building the library for the Drum Channel, our topic was Buddy. We went through the footage one piece after another, on slo-mo, trying to determine how he did it.

"That the 'it' was sublime seems given — and was. Buddy was truly the master of everything. For the novice, Buddy's percussive universe might best be introduced by a 'modern' direct-to-disc recording, Together Again — For the First Time, with Mel Tormé. It's not a matter of style, because that may have dated for the listener, but of essence.

"Recorded in 1978, it captures Buddy as a mature artist, and with masterly ease — the drum kit just sings with musicality and crisp, clear tones. Especially the dynamics are impressive, because the drums are usually recorded without the air that surrounds them. lust listen to the raindrops Buddy delivered on the cymbals as an intro to 'Here's That Rainy Day', then go on to the big notes.
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