Masters of Resonance Documentary Featuring Neil Peart - Update and Review

Masters of Resonance Documentary Featuring Neil Peart - Update and ReviewUpdate (09/19/2018): iTunes Pre-Order link is now available HERE.
Update (07/16/2018): An American Express members ticket pre-sale event for the Grammy Museum presentation in Los Angeles on August 8th is now open and accessible via this LINK.
Last Friday, Masters of Resonance, the long-awaited documentary by Edge Factor featuring Neil Peart, had a special VIP pre-release screening at the Rush Family Reunion event at the Fox Theatre in Toronto. During the screening, one lucky fan won a drum head signed by Neil Peart himself.

The documentary's official premiere will take place at the Grammy Museum presentation in Los Angeles on August 8th. The film will then be hitting the International Film Festival circuit over the remainder of the summer. Finally, it will be rolled out on Video on Demand channels in the Fall. Screening locations and official release dates will be announced on

Ahead of the VIP pre-release screening on Friday, Edge Factor graciously allowed me to watch the film as well, and what a treat it was! My son, Michael (he’s 15), has been drumming for a few years now, so the two of us have always been interested in the process of setting up a drum kit. Watching the documentary, seeing what it takes to CREATE a drum kit, from the “wood hunting” phase, to the impact the direction of the grain makes on the resonance of the shell, to the involvement of so many artisans to craft the end-result, was truly inspiring. I have a much deeper appreciation of what it takes to create what many people probably see as a ‘simplistic’ instrument.

The documentary showcased the early history of DW Drums, the aforementioned shell creation process, and the discovery of an ancient river oak which led to the development of DW’s Timeless Timber kitl; the same kit that Neil Peart selected for Rush's R40 40th Anniversary Tour. It was thrilling to see - and hear - what this drum kit meant to Neil, and how excited he was over the process of developing the "monster from the deep" R40 kit.

Rush fans the world over will love this inside look into the Professor, and the development of what has become one of his most iconic kits. I also wanted to commend the filmmakers on the cinematography, lighting, and editing as each component of the film-making process was exceptionally well done. A fantastic documentary!

The full trailer for the documentary has been released. You can view it directly at this LINK or via the embedded viewer below.

For more information, please visit the official Masters of Resonance website at, or visit their Facebook Page.


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