Neil Peart: The Interview Collection

Neil Peart: The Interview CollectionIn the week since the music world was stunned by the announcement of Neil Peart's passing, countless tributes from all four corners of the globe have poured in. Among the Rush faithful, Neil Peart was always considered a giant in his field, both from behind the drumkit as well as behind the pen. How heartwarming it was to hear from so many others that shared that same sentiment. Neil’s reach was clearly evident, and the impact he had on so many lives will resonate throughout the ages.

Neil taught us to ”…steer by the stars…” when darkness surrounded our lives. So as we all continue to mourn his loss, we should also look back and celebrate his accomplishments. Beyond his musical and lyrical prowess, Neil Peart was an incredibly articulate individual. Over the years, he was interviewed dozens of times by major publications covering topics as varied as his drumming techniques, to his lyrical inspirations, and even his enjoyment of exploring the world via bicycle or motorcycle. Those interviews gave us all a rare and personal glimpse into the true makeup of the man.

To that end, I’ve put together an exhaustive list of many of those published interviews with Neil from across the decades. Reliving the better, vanished times of Rush and Neil’s history through these articles and interviews may prove therapeutic as we all continue to come to grips with the enormity of our loss.

Rest in Peace, Neil, and thanks for the memories.

The 1970s
The Rush Tapes, Part I - Circus Magazine, October 1977

The 1980s
An Interview with Neil Peart - Innerview Magazine, March 1980
The First Neil Peart Interview with Modern Drummer Magazine - Modern Drummer Magazine, April 1980
Neil Peart & Rush Go Public on 'Moving Pictures' - Circus Magazine, March 1981
FM'S Martin Deller Talks with Neil Peart of Rush - Canadian Musician Magazine, October 1981
Exit...Stage Left: A Rush Update by Rush Drummer Neil Peart - Kerrang!, January 1982
Neil Peart: New World Man - Music Express Magazine, September 1982
Spirit of Peart Part 1 - Kerrang!, June 1982
Spirit of Peart Part 2 - Kerrang!, July 1982
Neil Peart Interview - Feedback! Rock interviews, July 1983
Neil Peart and the Art of Soloing - Modern Drummer, December 1983
The Great Musicians: Neil Peart - The History of Rock, January 1984
Interview: Neil Peart - Modern Drummer Magazine, April 1984
Grace Under Fire: Pearls from Peart - Music Express Magazine, June 1984
Book Ends: Rush's Neil Peart and Geddy Lee - Musician Magazine, August 1984
Best Drummer: Neil Peart - International Musician and Recording World, February 1985
Interview with Neil Peart - Modern Drummer Magazine, January 1986
Neil Peart; The Songwriting Interview - Guitar for the Practicing Musician, October 1986
Neil Peart: Rush Release - Rhythm Magazine, March 1987
All Fired Up - An Exclusive Interview with Neil Peart - Metal Hammer Magazine, April 1988
Neil Peart: Mystic Rhythms - Rhythm Magazine, August 1988
Closer To The Peart - RAW Magazine, February 1989
Interview with Neil Peart of Rush - Modern Drummer Magazine, December 1989

The 1990s
Interview with Neil Peart - Traffic Magazine, April 1990
Week in Metal: Neil Peart - Kerrang!, June 1991
Pillars for Peart - Network Magazine, June 1991
Updated: Neil Peart - Modern Drummer, January 1992
Rush's Neil Peart - Powerkick: The Rock Drummer's Quarterly, June 1992
Ask a Pro: Neil Peart - Modern Drummer, February 1993
The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts - An Interview with Neil Peart - Canadian Musician Magazine, February 1994
Neil Peart: In Search of the Right Feel - Modern Drummer Magazine, February 1994
Interview: Neil Peart - Freetime Magazine, May 1994
Interview with Neil Peart - RAG Magazine, May 1994
Drum Beat: Rush's Octopus, Neil Peart - Circus Magazine, June 1994
Gearing Up: Rush's Neil Peart - Hit Parader Magazine, November 1994
Rush's Neil Peart: A Different Drummer - The Island Ear, November 1994
From Power Trio to Big Band: Neil Peart Talks About Burning for Buddy - Canadian Musician, December 1994
Walking In Big Shoes: Neil Peart on The Making Of Burning For Buddy - Modern Drummer Magazine, February 2005
Rush Strokes: Neil Peart's Personal Tribute to Buddy Rich - Rhythm Magazine, March 1995
The Road Less Traveled: A Conversation With Neil Peart Of Rush - Metro Weekend Magazine, October 1996
Neil Peart: A Rebel and a Drummer - Liberty Magazine, September 1997
Neil Peart: Learning To Swing Has Everything To Do With Learning To Rock - Drums Etc. Magazine, October 1997

The 2000s
Neil Peart: The Fire Returns - Modern Drummer Magazine, September 2002
Neil Peart: Rockin' and rollin' ...rollin' ...rollin' - Cycle World Magazine, February 2003
Neil Peart: Progression Personified - Drum! Magazine, August 2020
Rhythmic Explorer: Exclusive Interview with Neil Peart - Drummer Magazine, November 2004
Motorcycling: The Perennial Gift - An Interview with Neil Peart - BMW Owners News, April 2005
Mean Mean Stride: The Drums of Neil Peart - Drum! Magazine, October 2005
Soloing In The Shadows Of Giants - Modern Drummer Magazine, April 2006
Heroes: Neil Peart - An Interview with Mike Portnoy - Rhythm Magazine, January 2007
Neil Peart : Progressive Progress - Drum! Magazine, June 2007
The Drums of Snakes and Arrows - Modern Drummer Magazine, August 2007
A Conversation With Neil Peart - Drumhead Magazine, September 2007
Thus Spoke Neil - Drum! Magazine, June 2009
Neil Peart: Rocker & Roller - American Motorcyclist, September 2009

The 2010s
Neil Peart Interview - Guitar Center Catalog, February 2010
I Love Phil by Neil Peart - Rhythm Magazine, April 2011
Close Up on Neil Peart - Rhythm Magazine, August 2011
Peart Takes Centre Stage - Rhythm Magazine, November 2011
Neil Peart: The Modern Drummer Interview - Modern Drummer Magazine, December 2011
Workin' Them Angles: Neil Peart - Motor Cyclist Magazine, April 2012
Neil Peart: Master Class - Drum! Magazine, October 2012
Gearing Up For the Road by Neil Peart - DW Drums's Edge Magazine, December 2012
The Story of the Drum Solo with Neil Peart - Rhythm Magazine, December 2013
The 50 Greatest Drummers of All Time: Neil Peart - Modern Drummer Magazine, March 2014
Backroads & Backbeats: Neil Peart Takes the Scenic Way to Work - BMW Owners News Magazine, March 2014
Neil Peart on Drum Solos - Part One - Rhythm Magazine, March 2014
Neil Peart on Drum Solos - Part Two - Rhythm Magazine, April 2014
Magnetic Memories: Four Decades in the Studio with Rush by Neil Peart - Drum! Magazine, December 2015
Neil Peart Reflects on 50 Years of Hitting Things with Sticks - Drumhead Magazine, December 2015
An Interview with Neil Peart - Modern Drummer Magazine, January 2016
10 Ways to Sound Like Neil Peart - Drum! Magazine, June 2016
Neil Peart's 100th Birthday Tribute to Buddy Rich - Rhythm Magazine, October 2017

Additionally, here are links to all of Neil's published books and blog entries for your continued reading pleasure.

Privately Published Books
Riding the Golden Lion - 1985
The Orient Express - 1987
Pedals Over The Pyrenees: (or Spain And Spokes And Trains) - 1988
Raindance Over the Rockies: Across the Rocky Mountains by Bicycle - 1988
The African Drum - 1988

Officially Published Books
The Masked Rider: Cycling in West Africa - 1996
Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road - 2002
Traveling Music: The Soundtrack to My Life and Times - 2004
Roadshow: Landscape With Drums: A Concert Tour by Motorcycle - 2006
Far and Away: A Prize Every Time - 2011
Far and Near: On Days Like These - 2014
Far and Wide: Bring That Horizon to Me! - 2016

Blog Entries
Neil Peart's News, Weather, and Sports Archives - July 2005 - May 2016


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