Cygnus-X1.Net Featured on the Latest Something for Nothing Rush 'Fan' Cast

Cygnus-X1.Net Featured on the Latest Something for Nothing Rush 'Fan' CastBack in September of last year, lifelong friends and longtime Rush fans Steve and Gerry launched a Rush-centric podcast called Something for Nothing: A RUSH Fancast. In the ten months since the launch, Something for Nothing has aired 45 episodes that cover a wide range of topics. The two friends have chatted extensively about many of Rush's albums, they've touched upon articles written about the band, and have even had a number of guest speakers join them on many episodes. Some of their guests include author Martin Popoff, Rush aficionado Mark Irwin, Skip Daly and Eric Hansen who authored the recent Wandering the Face of the Earth Rush tour book, and Ed Stenger from the Rush fan site RushIsABand.

Some months back, Steve and Gerry reached out to me to see if I would be interested in joining them for a episode and chatting about the Cygnus-X1.Net website. I was thrilled and humbled to be asked to join their growing podcast. So in mid-June, the three of us got together remotely (suffering through some technical difficulties along the way) and chatted for quite some time. We had a great time chatting away about Rush, the website, and more.

So, if you'll forgive this self-serving post, that episode will air on Monday, July 13th. You can access the podcast, and all the previous episodes, directly at this LINK, or via any podcast app.

I want to thank Steve and Gerry for allowing me to share the spotlight with them. I look forward to many more podcasts from these two great guys.


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