Rush Sighting on American Idol - Fitting for Rush Day :-)

Rush Sighting on American Idol
You know it's Rush Day (2/1/12) when, for the first time in its 11 year run, American Idol provides us with a Rush sighting.

David Weed of Mountain Home, Idaho attempted to sing Rush's seminal classic Tom Sawyer for the judges. Unfortunately, the results were not favorable.

Randy Jackson asked David "In your mind, is that what Geddy Lee from the band sounds like to you?" to which David replied "Well I hope I don't sound exactly like him. Randy countered, "Well he actually sounds really good..."

Shockingly, David left without the golden ticket. You can check out the clip below or directly at YouTube via this LINK.


  1. I think he actually sang pretty ok. Sure, a couple of notes were out of tune, but in context of this song, it doesn't matter that much in those spots. It's not a song that's moody and showcases any 'warm' type of singing. This is a show that's auditioning pop stars. I doubt Jennifer Lopez has even heard the song herself to get it anyway. Probably should have picked out a different song for the purpose of the audition, I'd say.

  2. I'd say he chose the wrong song or the wrong approach. It sounds like his voice would work for a different kind of music or he should have sung the song in a way that suited his voice throughout.

    1. I totally agree with you, tsubakuro. The guy wasn't bad at all, but choosing to sing in the style of a vocalist with such a uniquely quirky sound is potentially asking for trouble. When he knew that he'd failed to impress the judges, he should have begged them to allow him to sing something more suited to his voice. Something more "radio friendly" I guess. LOL Still, it's good to hear Randy stick up for Ged's voice. If nothing else, I came away with a smile on my face for that comment!

  3. He sings quite well actualy in karaoke at the local bar this was just a bad song for him to choose should of choose ones he sings at karaoke


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