Clockwork Angels Due Out in May According to PROG Magazine

Clockwork Angels Due Out in May Rush: Clockwork Angels
The latest issue of Classic Rock Presents: Prog contains a one-page article/interview with Geddy Lee entitled Back to the Future. In the article, Geddy discusses Rush's new record label, Roadrunner, last year's Time Machine Tour and the band's general excitement from the tour, the new album and working together. Additionally, the article confirms that Rush's new album Clockwork Angels should be released this coming May.

From the article:
"There was something about the people at Roadrunner, they were so into rock, into what we're all about as opposed to some of the Atlantic guys. Frankly, we were very unhappy with the way we were treated at Atlantic UK, I don't think they really got us, so it was good to go somewhere that did."


"The last tour was so great, the show was really fun to play, the crowds were amazing, every night we would just look out and be; wow, there's a lot of them out there. People seem a little less afraid to show that they're Rush fans. I think we all enjoyed it, I don't think I've ever seen Neil enjoy a tour so much, it was done in a great spirit. I think we're all as energised as we have ever been, we love working together, we're totally excited about this new record."
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Thanks to GeddyWannaBe for the news and RushIsABand for the article scans.

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  1. That's just a big ol' bucket of awesome! Maybe it will coincide with the 10th Anniversary remix of Vapor Trails...I need the magic Nick & Rich worked on 'One Little Victory' and 'Earthshine' on the rest of that brilliant album.

    I remember when they left Mercury for Atlantic in 1989, how they felt 'neglected and ignored'. I guess Atlantic wants a long string of one-hit wonders, too, not the slow and steady artist that sells reasonably well, consistently churning out quality material. Sucks for Atlantic!

  2. Can't wait! all indicators are it'll be another winner.

  3. Rush means so much to me....My dad used to play them for me when I was just a little kid, and their music has this unexplainable magic. I am SO looking forward to this new album!

  4. The article says Ben Stiller, when it should actually say Jerry Stiller.


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