"Love Me Some Rush" - Sensual Rush Inspired Photography

Photographer and Rush fan Lance Hardy recently posted a segment to his blog titled Love Me Some Rush. The entry discusses his life-long appreciation of Rush's music and how it has been a positive influence on his life. To celebrate that fact, Lance took a series of photographs of various Rush album artwork that were projected on a nude model.

From the entry:
"There are momentous times in your life that you never forget. They vary in poignance and significance, yet the events (becoming history) that paint our individual lives leave indelible memories. For me, one such key memory is the moment I was truly introduced to a band named RUSH...[I bought] all the RUSH albums I could get my hands on. They were treasures to me. I would sit in my room night after night with headphones on getting goose bumps listening to the guitar solo from “Working Man”, the symphonic caress of “Xanadu”, the haunting promise of optimism of “Limelight”. I devoted myself to music. I learned the bass and practiced Geddy’s incomparable style until my fingers bled. In unison it opened my artistic self up to limitless possibilities of expression...So where does all this bring me today? Well then… I simply wanted to take this incredible, unforgettable influence in my life and have a little fun making some fun images my way. RUSH album art is incredible and consistently well done by artist Hugh Syme. My tribute, using this life spanning art in a fun photo shoot with always awesome Cassidy and my gorgeous co-conspirator."
You can read the entire entry, which includes links to over 20 photographs, via this LINK.

Thanks to reader Joe Pesch for passing along the link.


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