Rush: Spirit of the Airwaves Live 1980 Radio Broadcast CD/Vinyl Coming in March

Rush: Spirit of the Airwaves
Back in 1980, during their Permanent Waves tour, Rush played three consecutive nights at the Kiel Auditorium in St. Louis, Missouri from February 11th through the 13th. A fairly well-known bootleg from a live radio broadcast recording of one of those three performances has been around for quite some time.

Now that live radio broadcast recording will be repackaged and released as a CD or Vinyl in Europe this March. It will be available in the US and Canada as an import item and can be pre-ordered HERE. UK residents can pre-order the album via this LINK.

For those who cannot wait, the album is already available on iTunes as well as other digital music providers across Europe.

Below is a track listing for the album:
1. 2112: Overture 4:36
2. The Temples of Syrinx 2:16
3. Discovery 0:30
4. Presentation 2:35
5. Soliloquy 2:25
6. Grand Finale 2:29
7. By-Tor and the Snow Dog 5:14
8. Xanadu 12:17
9. The Spirit of Radio 5:19
10. Natural Science 8:24
11. Beneath, Between, Behind 2:29
12. Working Man 3:30
13. Finding My Way Intro 0:23
14. Anthem 1:40
15. Bastille Day 1:28
16. In the Mood 2:39
17. Drum Solo 5:11
Thanks to Ed from RushIsABand for the news.


  1. Interesting. I wonder what the ownership and royalties paperwork was like to work out?

  2. Awesome quality bootleg, I have the 10 minute piece that is mentioned.Kick ass!

  3. Odd this is being released officially, but being an FM broadcast I guess there's some legal loopholes. I doubt the Boys are going to see a penny of this, which blows. Oddly omitting "La Villa Strangiato" and not quite complete as it doesn't have "Cygnus X-1 Books I and II". Seems to be a mashup of "Spirit of St.Louis" which most Rush fans already own, sans "Strangiato". Wonder when "Pink Pop Holland" is going to come out if things like this and "ABC 1974" are being "released"?

  4. Amazon has pulled this item from their listings, and canceled my shipment. My guess is that it is a canceled release.

    1. I noticed that, too. It has been released abroad and numerous copies are available on Ebay and overseas Amazon vendors...

  5. I traded my Moving Pictures concert tour book for a cassette recording of this way back when. The most intense live version of 2112 I've yet heard is from this recording.


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