Neil Peart News, Weather, and Sports Update - September 2015 - BubbaGram™#1

Neil Peart News, Weather, and Sports Update - September 2015 - BubbaGram™#1
Neil Peart has just posted a new update to the "News, Weather, and Sports" section of his website. This edition, titled BubbaGram™#1, is the first such entry since the end of Rush's R40 tour and though it's quite a bit shorter than his usual entries, Neil explains why right out of the gate:
In recent months it became apparent that my experiences on the R40 tour in 2015 were much too vast and deep to fit into a couple of website stories. Plus I had far too many scenic and narrative photographs to fit in my usual format here. It would have to be a book.

Yet I did not want to neglect this forum and its audience—just “go dark” on everybody for the year or so it might take to put together a book. A fun solution to that conundrum might be . . . this! During the tour I had been sending occasional images of the day’s travels to my circle of friends under the BubbaGram™ title, so I will continue that theme here. At semi-regular intervals I will post a photograph or two and an anecdote, to represent the work in progress.
So a new book appears to be in the works. Exciting news!

Interestingly enough, Neil ends the entry with an ominous note and image, seemingly indicating that this part of his life, with Rush, is over while a new beginning lies ahead:
...though my mother, for one, thinks it’s kind of sad. Perhaps not everyone shares my feeling (and my frequent experience) that even if the road ends, there’s still another horizon...
You can read the entire entry via this LINK.

And to check out every News, Weather, and Sports entry Neil has made dating back to 2005, they are all available at the News, Weather, and Sports Archives.


  1. That end quote, when taken in it's full context, does not feel all that ominous to me.

  2. RUSH has done their part in the Rock and Roll universe...I say if this it so be it...just be healthy, happy, and content with your place in all our hearts, minds, and souls! You have cemented your legacy in music history! All the Best!

  3. While we (as fans) ALWAYS want another album, another tour, Good Lord, we got a lot more than we deserved! If the R40 tour was it, what a way to go out...and I have a lifetime of memories.Thanks Rush!!!


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