Rush's R40 Live Album and Concert Film Coming November 20th. First Single Released Next Week

Rush's R40 Live Album and Concert Film Coming November 20th. First Single Released Next Week
Update: You can now pre-order R40 Live (Yes, that's the name) from Amazon via this LINK.
Ever since the end of the band's R40 tour in early August, fans have been anxious to learn more about the impending release of the live album and concert DVD. The band filmed and recorded both the June 17th and 19th shows at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto during the tour and while there hasn't been any official word from the band as yet, there is news that the R40 Live CD/DVD (as yet unnamed) will be released on November 20th of this year.

The news comes from an e-mail message that was sent out to various music industry professionals earlier today. Coming from Zoe/Rounder Records/Concord Music Group, the e-mail indicated that the live CD/DVD would be released on November 20th.

From the e-mail:

Unlike other concert DVD's where the looks is the same throughout, this show has an extremely extensive setup that changes multiple times throughout the show (as the set list moves back in time, the stage setup reflects the band's stage setup from that period in their career.)

* Amazing value with almost 3 hours of footage!
* Includes multiple songs that have either never been performed before or never been captured on video

Rumor has it that this was the band's last large-scale tour, making this an absolute necessity for a Rush fan to own...
In addition to the e-mail, has just listed the availability of the first single from the live CD. Roll The Bones - Live will be available for purchase as an MP3 download on September 25th.

We'll have more news on the impending release of the live CD/DVD as it becomes available.

Thanks to Colin L and Ed from RushIsABand for the news.


  1. Rush Rules, R40- best Rock stage production in years! No one can really top a decision to put on a show that travels back in time from one fantastic song to another! This show has something for every fan of every era of Rush!
    Where does the line start for me to get this?
    Rush on!

  2. Looks like European fans will have to make do with the dvd


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