New Rush Feature in Classic Rock Magazine: Exit Stage Left? Inside Rush's 'Farewell' Show

New Rush Feature in Classic Rock Magazine: Exit Stage Left? Inside Rush's 'Farewell' Show
The October 2015 issue of Classic Rock Magazine, which has just hit the newsstands in the United Kingdom, includes a feature article on Rush titled Exit Stage Left? Inside Rush's 'Farewell' Show.

As the title suggests, the article, which was penned by Philip Wilding, focuses on Rush's final performances from their R40 tour; most notably their July 30th show in Irvine, California and their final show in Los Angeles on August 1st.

Ray Danniels, Rush's long-time manager, was asked about the potential end of the band:
"I don't think they should end," he says, sipping white wine at the pool's edge, when the inevitable question of whether this is the end of the road for Rush is broached. "They are playing as well as they ever have. Shorter tours, longer breaks, more days between shows, shorter sets, opening acts or just one last hurrah would be my vote. A lot of people wanted to see them that didn't get a chance to. That said, I know you can't perform this at this level of intensity indefinitely, but I would explore ways to make it work for a little while longer while it's this good. It matters to a lot of people. That's my honest feelings."
Of course not everyone believes this is the end of the band, particularly Geddy:
Asked recently whether this would be Rush's swansong tour, guitarist Alex Lifeson replied: "I don't think we'd have much difficulty thinking about it as possibly the last."

Remind Geddy Lee of this today and he laughs. "That's not true," says the bassist and singer. "I'm having great difficulty thinking like that. Alex is not speaking for me, and I don't think he's really speaking for himself either. I think he has mixed feelings. I don't want to speak for him. You can ask him. He can tell you his own lies."
The entire article, which includes numerous photographs courtesy of Richard Sibbald, can be read at this LINK.


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