Thinking Out Loud: Geddy Lee (Prog Magazine)

Thinking Out Loud: Geddy Lee (Prog Magazine)
PROG magazine has posted a new feature article/interview with Geddy Lee titled Thinking Out Loud: Geddy Lee. With the sub-heading of The Rush frontman on his voice, South Park and wine, the article touches upon several interesting topics including Geddy's thoughts about being part of Rush, and his life outside of the band:
“It’s almost impossible to think of my life outside of Rush. So much of my life over the last 40 years has been as a member of Rush. But outside of the band I’m very proud of my family and my kids. I think I’ve been a good dad and I’ve always tried to be present in their lives, even when I’ve been away on the road.

I’ve always done everything that I can to keep my marriage healthy, and that’s difficult when you’re an itinerant musician like I was for so many years, but my wife and I are both big travellers and we’re always on the road and looking for new challenges in our lives. I get involved in a lot of different activities as well, and I quite enjoy fundraising – I’ve done a lot of work in that area. So there are plenty of things that have kept me satisfied outside of the band.”
You can check out the entire article at this LINK.

Thanks to Eric Hansen from Power Windows for passing along the news.


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