Rush's Moving Pictures Wins the Polaris Heritage Prize

Rush's Moving Pictures Wins the Polaris Heritage Prize
The winners of this year's Polaris Heritage Prize have just been announced, with Rush's Moving Pictures taking the prize for the period of 1976-1985.

From the Polaris Prize website:
The Slaight Family Polaris Heritage Prize honours Canadian albums of the past from four distinct time periods: 1960-75, 1976-85, 1986-95 and 1996-05. Like the Polaris Music Prize, winners and nominees for the Heritage Prize are albums of the highest artistic quality, without regards to sales or affiliations.

Think of the Heritage Prize as our version of a hall of fame where we try to determine who would have won the Polaris Music Prize in the years before Polaris existed.

How it works is a select group of Canadian music media and historians gather together each year to create a vote-curated list of 10 Short List-nominated albums per era. Two albums per era, one chosen by public vote and one chosen by juror vote, will be designated as Heritage Prize winners each year.
Moving Pictures won the public vote for the 1976-1985 time period while Kate & Anna McGarrigle's self-titled album won the jury vote.

You can read more about the Polaris Heritage Prize HERE. Billboard Magazine also has an article on this year's winners available HERE.

Thanks to RushFanForever for passing along the news.


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