First Incarnation of Rush Formed 50 Years Ago This Month

First Incarnation of Rush Formed 50 Years Ago This MonthWhile the exact date of the formation of Rush is not known, it is a generally accepted fact that the band's first incarnation occurred fifty years ago this month; in August of 1968. As the story goes, after Alex Lifeson's family moved to Toronto, into one of its many ethnic neighbourhoods, the budding guitarist would become fast friends with John Rutsey, who lived across the street. It wasn't long before the two began playing together.

Soon after, kids from the neighborhood joined in on the fun as basement bands were formed and, just as quickly, dissolved. Throughout it all, Alex and John continued to play and practice together, until they formed their first 'official' band in the Spring of 1968. They called themselves The Projection, yet by the end of the summer of 1968, the band had broken up.

Some time in August, bass player and lead singer Jeff Jones joined John and Alex, forming a new band which would become the first true incarnation of Rush.

On the band's name Rush, according to Alex Lifeson: "...It was actually John's brother Bill who suggested we use the name Rush... We thought The Projection was a pretty cool name, but Bill said: 'You need something shorter and to-the-point, something with energy to it. How about Rush?' And we were like, 'Okay, that sounds good.' And it stuck..."

Rush had arrived. The trio spent their evenings and weekends practicing and learning the hard rock songs of the day as they searched for an opportunity to play outside their basements...

And the rest, as they say, is history...
~~ Happy 50th Anniversary Rush! ~~

To learn more about the very early history of Rush, please visit the Rush Timeline.


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