Alex Lifeson Makes GuitarSquid's List of the Top 10 Guitarist Mullets

Alex Lifeson
GuitarSquid, the website that "...combines the two seemingly disparate entities' strengths, the squid's reach and the guitar's buzzworthiness..." has posted an interesting, if not exactly flattering, Top Ten List: The Top 10 Guitarist Mullets. Coming in at #10 (and thankfully no higher on the list) is Alex Lifeson:
Sure, just about everyone has rocked a mullet at some point. But let's be honest... some mullets just rise above the rest.

Although the mullet and its many variations are often identified with Canadians, hockey players in general, Australians and trailer parks South of the Mason Dixon line, let's not forget that gutiarists are a worthy subgroup for categorizing notable mullets. Many a guitarslinger has kept it all-business in the front and party-hardy in the back.

10. Alex Lifeson - Lifeson has been around long enough to have survived a number of hindsightful hair-don'ts, but his Hold Your Fire-era mullet is a perfect specimen of mid-'80s Canadian variety.
Check out some of the other ... interesting ... entries by accessing the entire list via this LINK.

Thanks to Ed from RushIsABand for the "news". :-)


  1. That's not a mullet! That's playing ... with style ...

    80's style that is...


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