Eddie Trunk Mentions Rush in Recent Interview

Eddie Trunk: Essential Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Book
Eddie Trunk, the host of VH1 Classic's That Metal Show as well as the weekly radio show: Eddie Trunk Live, which airs on Sirius/XM radio's Boneyard channel, recently did an interview with Noisecreep where he discusses his new book Eddie Trunk's Essential Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Book.

As most fans know, Eddie is a very big fan of Rush and, as such, he devoted an entire chapter to the band in his book.

During the interview, Eddie was asked about an interview he had with Neil Peart:
I was working at VH-1 Classic. I'd interviewed Geddy and Alex, twice, and you know, Neil is shy and reserved and does not really do interviews. I'd gotten a call from a book publisher doing press for one of Neil's books, about him biking all over the country after the tragic loss of his wife and daughter. Neil wanted the interview to be with me because he'd seen me talk to Geddy and Alex and he felt like he trusted me- that I 'got' the band. It was a great honor. He showed up at the door with zero entourage. Just wearing a backpack and a baseball cap - the most unassuming guy in the world. You'd never know it was him. After, he went out for a smoke and I went outside with him. We kept talking out there, in the heart of New York City, and not one person passing by realized who it was. Just amazing.
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