Neil Peart Featured in December 2011 Issue of Modern Drummer Magazine

Modern Drummer with Neil Peart - December 2011
Neil Peart will be the cover story in the December 2011 issue of Modern Drummer Magazine. The magazine cover features Neil behind his Time Machine Tour kit and includes the sub-heading Rush's Neil Peart: The Modern Drummer Interview.

The December issue will hit the newsstands on November 1st. You can order/subscribe to Modern Drummer via this LINK.

Modern Drummer has also reviewed Neil's instructional video Taking Center Stage where they wrote
"...If you’re a Peart devotee, you’ll drool over the detailed shots of the concert performance revealing all of the intricate details of those classic parts. The overhead shots and slow-motion footage are particularly revealing of Neil’s complex choreography..."
You can read the entire interview via this LINK.

Thanks to Ed from RushIsABand for passing along the news.


  1. Neil flirts with swing drumming, but he'll always be a rock drummer. If you analyze work from the early 60s, you'll notice quite a panache Neil cannot emulate despite his best efforts. Still, a phenominal rock drummer, however.

  2. Neil has plenty of panache as a rock drummer that those 60's drummers could never emulate. There's not a better all round drummer than Neil.


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