Rich Chycki Update on Clockwork Angels and Rush Sector Box Sets

Rush: Sectors Box Sets Coming November 21st
Rush's sound engineer, Rich Chycki has posted an update to his blog where he provides a brief recording update on Rush's forthcoming album Clockwork Angels along with some information on the upcoming Rush "Sector" box set series.

Regarding Clockwork Angels, Rich had this to say:
... Currently, Rush, producer Nick Raskulinecz and myself are reconvening to complete the recording of Rush's next studio album Clockwork Angels. Sorry, no timeline for completion yet ...
Good news there that progress on the album is continuing.

And regarding the Rush "Sector" Box Set series, Rich had this to say:
... Based on the strong feedback from the Moving Pictures 5.1 remix, Universal Records had asked me to remix Fly By Night, A Farewell To Kings and Signals in surround to be included in their 'Sector' series of box set releases currently underway. Like Moving Pictures, all the multitrack masters I worked with were transferred from the original analog tapes at 96 kHz/24 bit resolution and this quality was maintained right down to the finished master. Listeners are in for a revelation of new detail for these releases...
To read Rich's entire blog entry, click HERE.

The "Sector" box set is still scheduled for release on November 21st and are all available for pre-order via Amazon.Com (Links below).
Rush: Sector 1
Rush: Sector 2
Rush: Sector 3
Thanks to Ed from RushIsABand for passing along the news.

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