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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Rush Inspired Apparel from Danforth & Pape

Rush Clockwork Angels Tour DVD
Update: Due to overwhelming demand, the folks at Danforth & Pape have requested your patience as they work through all of the orders they have received. As their official website is still under construction, working on orders via Facebook has proven a little challenging. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Danforth & Pape, a small T-shirt company based out of the United Kingdom, has produced several Rush-inspired designs over the past few months. Opening up their fall collection is a fantastic double-sided piece based on the famed Rocinante spaceship from Rush's classic Cygnus X-1 Book I: The Voyage.

From the designer:
The Danforth & Pape Rocinante...
Formed in 1977, long before the creation of the Canadian Space Agency in 1989, Rocinante was a top secret Canadian space programme. Located at Rockfield Air Force Base on Cape Parry in the Northwest Territories, Rocinante was created to conduct an experimental mission to explore the constellation of Cygnus and its formidable secret - the strongest X-ray source ever seen from Earth, the blackhole of Cygnus X-1 (Cyg X-1).

Rocinante, the name given to the 3-man space module, was launched on 1st September 1977 but no photographs, or even drawings, exist of the craft. To this day no one really knows what happened on that fateful mission, as all radio transcripts were destroyed in an attempt to cover up every scrap of evidence that this highly-classified operation ever existed.

Seen for the first time ever in public, this is an exact replica of the shirt worn by crew members of this mysterious and highly secretive organisation of scientists, astrophysicists, astronauts and intrepid explorers.
Danforth & Pape have also produced T-shirt designs highlighting Rush's recording career at Le Studio as well as a reproduction of Geddy Lee's Blah Blah Blah shirt that he wore numerous times on tour.

While the company is currently working on an external website to feature their products, you can learn more about there designs (as well as inquire about placing orders) via their Facebook page however, as noted above, due to overwhelming demand, new orders may not be immediately accepted at this time.

Thanks to designer and owner Paul Tippett for sharing the news!

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