Rush's Clockwork Angels Tour Live CD/DVD Now Available

Rush Clockwork Angels Tour DVD
The time is now again, Rush fans. The highly anticipated release of Rush's Clockwork Angels Tour Live CD and DVD are now available.

Recorded over two consecutive tour dates last November in Phoenix and Dallas, the 2-DVD or single Blu-Ray package features over 3 hours of music including favorites Tom Sawyer and The Spirit of Radio, three drum solos, new string arrangements of classics such as YYZ, Dreamline and Red Sector A, and rarely performed songs such as The Body Electric and Middletown Dreams. Extensive bonus features include a full version of Limelight from soundcheck and an exclusive backstage documentary shot throughout Europe. The 3-CD set also features all of the tracks that are included in the DVD/BS packages.

Rush's Clockwork Angels Tour is the eleventh (officially) released live album the band has produced in their decades-spanning career. This live offering continues the pattern of a new live CD/DVD with each new tour that began with 2003's Rush in Rio .

Complete liner notes, track listings, and artwork for the CD and DVD/BD/Limited Edition Deluxe Packaging versions will be uploaded to the main site within the next few days. In the mean time, if you haven't ordered your copies yet, you can do so via the links below.
  • Limited Edition Deluxe Package
  • 2-disc DVD
  • Blu-Ray
  • 3-disc CD
  • Please feel free to share your comments and thoughts on the new live album in the comments section below.

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    1. Me and about 50 other die-hards saw the film Monday night in one of the two theaters showing it (another reason Rush will never come back to Tucson!) and was initially disappointed it began with the 2nd set. Then I realized: it's really to promote the fact they were playing with a string section, and the whole thing would have been over 3 hours long - not even reclining theater seats are that comfy. So I got over it. Really enjoyed the camera work, and the
      sound quality was top-notch. The documentary afterwards was a nice cool-down, always a couple of laughs to be had. Nice DVD to add to the collection.That's all I got!


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