Rush's Working Man Featured in New Walmart Commercial

Walmart has just launched a new advertising campaign that focuses the spotlight on the retailer's plan to pledge $250 billion over the next 10 years to "products purchased from American factories. And honoring the men and women who make them."

One of the several television commercials in the campaign utilizes Rush's Working Man as a back drop to a video of American factory workers.

The commerical is available in both a 60 second and 30 second version.

Thanks to Tom Tommeh Kelley for the news.


  1. alex/geddy/neil...for shame...

  2. And the words of PROFIT were written on the studio walls. Someone wake me up I'm having a nightmare. WALMART, REALLY GUYS!

  3. This sucks. I have seen my last Rush show. They were always in my top 5. They are dead to me.

    1. Come on man,,"DEAD TO YOU"" THats a bit over doing it but I feel your anger and disgust.DO you really think Neil Had any idea or would give his blessings to such an outrageous act.I called ANTHEM in TORONTO and since I hav not seen that AD run.HAVE FAITH.DID Mercury give them the permission??

  4. Still not as bad as Jimmy Page playing Kashmir alongside P Diddy and enjoying it... Kind of a bummer but who hasn't made a bad judgment call in the interest of money? I'm over it, and it's not like they sold out a CA song.

  5. I really don't see the problem. What I find humorous is nobody at WalMart (or their ad agency) realizes the band is Canadian, or they do and know most of America doesn't think that much anyway.

  6. Get real people and get over it, no big deal.

  7. I am devastated by this, really, just searching for some sort of reason, some sort of "out", like they don't own the rights to this song and it was sold out from under them. Had actually never heard of this song before (and I consider myself a HUGE RUSH fan), and I saw the commercial and said "is this....nah, it can't be", knowing full well who it was, RUSH is SO distinctive, and started looking up online. Fly By Night for VW was fine, they aren't a soul sucking company like Wal-Mart, who are so ANTI the WORKING MAN. I've always held RUSH to such high esteem and intellect, for them to sell out to Walmart, I'm still looking for the reason, besides the obvious, sad truth, in their own words "big money got no soul". This really feels like a kick to the gut. Not to mention shame on walmart fro talking about American jobs and going with a Canadian band, shows you how sincere THEY are, but again his comes right back to RUSH. "Glittering prizes and endless compromises shatter the illusion of integrity". God, it all seems meaningless......really, not trying to be melodramatic here. RUSH songs were my anthems growing up. So discouraging. Anyone who can brush this off has never really HEARD RUSH. May have listened, but never really HEARD. So disheartening.

    And no, Page and Diddy was a brilliant musical collaboration. This is just soulless and disappointing.

  8. This past Wed.EVENING (FEB 19th 2014) I called "ANTHEM" RUSH's Managemnet group in TORONTO,CANADA and a woman who was very responsive and listened to my every word as I Let my disgust and anger be known for WORKING MAN being used on a wally world walmart commercial.The Lady on the phone fromANTHEM understood my concerns and how PISSED OFF i ,as well as thousands if not milions of TRUE LOYAL RUSH FANS around the World were insulted by this song being used by a corporation such as wallyworld ,a company ,which is card carrying top member of ALEC,the most anti-WORKING MAN company.I explained to her why this is a slap in the face of RUSH fans.Enlightened her on the evil ways of WALLYWORLD and how someone in the RUSH family needs to be hung out to dry for this SELLING out of the Band .
    Since that call I have not seen the 'Working Man commercail used and it is now Sunday Morning Feb.23,2014.
    The Respresentative I spoke with at ANTHEM(RUSH's Managing Group told me my comments and concernes would be passed along.Well I hope to God she did pass along the message.And as I stated the 'Working Man" comercial has not aired on any of the networks since that call.
    I asked her if the band members even had a clue this song was being 'SOLD OUT" or if wally world did it without permission.If anyone knows more about the legality of wally world using the song please inform the rest of us TRUE LOYAL FANS.SERIOUSLY I can't imagine Neil giving his blessings to this outrageous OXY-MORON commercail.

  9. Just saw it on Daytona 500....

  10. SON OF A BITCH >>>>>>I JUST SAW THE COMMERCIAL AGAIN at the 7;58pm during OLYNPIC COVERAGE!!! LETS GO RUSH FANS SWAMP SRO-ANTHEM in TORONTOWhich is the RUSH managemnet group at Email Us:
    [email protected]
    189 Carlton Street,
    Toronto, Ontario
    M5A 2K7
    T: (416) 923-5855
    F: (416) 923-1041
    WE FANS CANNOT let this continue.Just saw the ad run during the Oympic coverage on NBC.


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