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Michael 'Mick' Burnett - The Spirit of Rush FanzineThe Spirit of Rush Fanzine
Last September, I launched the "Spirit of Rush Fanzine" archive; an exclusive feature of Cygnus-X1.Net that brought back to life the longest-running Rush fanzine ever published.

The Spirit of Rush was launched back in 1987 and ran for over fifteen years. In over sixty published issues, the fanzine brought Rush news, articles, reviews, concert updates, fan art, exclusive band interviews and so much more to fans around the globe.

Over the past year, I've been publishing a "new" issue of the fanzine each week and now, at long last, we've arrived at the final, closing issue. Sadly, the fanzine ended its impressive run due to the untimely passing of its founder and editor Michael "Mick" Burnett. From the archive's introduction:
"In late July of 2002, after publishing over 60 issues since that fateful summer in 1987, tragedy struck the fanzine. The editor and founder of the Spirit of Rush, Mick Burnett, passed away suddenly after suffering a heart attack. Just a month later, Mick was celebrated and remembered during a Rush convention in England - one that was essentially sponsored by the fanzine. Following the 63rd issue of the fanzine, one that was dedicated to Mick, a final issue was released after which the Spirit of Rush closed its doors forever."
Issue #64 (#69), which was originally published during the Spring of 2003, is now online and includes some very moving tributes to Mick, along with some additional Rush items of the day including several interviews with Geddy Lee and news on Vapor Trails.

Personally, it has been a joy to bring these fanzines back to life. I had a great time reading through them all as I prepared each issue for re-publication on this site. Once again I would like to thank both Monica Zimmerman, a former contributor to the Spirit of Rush, and Janet Balmer, one of the co-editors of the fanzine for the help and permission to reprint the fanzines online.

To access the complete archive, please click HERE.


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