Alex Lifeson Talks About Rush's Long-Lost Song "I’ve Been Runnin"

Rush R40 Blu-Ray Box Set Coming in November
With the upcoming release of Rush's R40 Box Set this November 10th, Radio.Com took the opportunity to sit down with Alex Lifeson to discuss the release and, in particular, the bonus disk which includes some rare and never-before-seen Rush performances:
Tell me about the song “I’ve Been Runnin'”; not only had I never heard it, I’d never heard of it.

John wrote the lyrics back then. Geddy and I would generally write the music. Sometimes we would have band rehearsals and it would be all three of us, but it was always difficult to work out songs like that. It was easier for us to work on the music together and then teach it to John and go from there. We still do that with Neil [Peart], in fact. John did write the lyrics in those days for the most part. It was so weird when he didn’t want us to use his lyrics on the first album when we started to record it. It was a very strange time for us, just before he left the band. But to be honest with you, I’d totally forgotten about “I’ve Been Runnin'” until I saw it come up for this box set. That one was really lost to me. But it was a shuffle-y, Delta bluesy kind of song that we were inspired by via Led Zeppelin.
The complete interview can be read HERE and the video of Rush's performance of "I've Been Runnin'" is available through the video viewer below or directly at this LINK.

R40 can be pre-ordered directly at this LINK and is currently selling for $101.59 for the Blu-Ray edition and $112.48 for the DVD edition. Complete details about the release are available HERE.

Thanks to everyone who alerted me to the interview and video!

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[Rush R40 Blu-Ray Box Set Coming in November - September 9th, 2014]


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    1. Unbelievable.... I'm hoping this will be rectified soon... stay tuned.

  2. New link for the video is now available...phew!


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