Far and Near: An Interview with Neil Peart

Neil Peart: Far and Near
In connection with the release of his latest book, Neil Peart recently sat down with Phil Simon for an interview that has now been published in the Huffington Post:
From a very early age, I've been a fan of the Canadian trio Rush. I recently had a chance to sit down with Neil Peart, the band's longtime drummer and lyricist. A prolific writer, Peart has just published Far and Near: On Days Like These, his latest collection of observations and stories.

He was kind enough to send me a signed copy and I've been poring through it. Like his other texts, one not need to be a Rush fan to appreciate Peart's story telling. It's a beautiful text, rife with interesting photos, anecdotes, and factoids, as well as the occasional political commentary. For instance, the 2013 government shutdown of national parks nearly derailed Peart's travel plans.
Click HERE to read the entire interview.

Additionally, before conducting the interview with Neil, Phil was asking fans for a list of questions for him to ask the Rush drummer. Those answers should be posted to Phil's website within the next few weeks.

To purchase Neil's new book, click HERE.


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