Neil Peart News, Weather, and Sports Update - October 2014 - "Science Island"

Neil Peart News, Weather, and Sports Update - October 2014 - Science Island
After skipping over September, Neil Peart has returned with a new update to his "News, Weather, and Sports" website blog with an October 2014 entry titled Science Island.

Neil begins this entry talking about his time spent in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec; a location he has vacationed in for thirty-four years (and counting) of his life. He reveals that his favorite spot in the world is Lac St. Brutus, a lake which has four major islands, each about an acre in size, one of which Neil owned for a number of years:
"...For all of August (the heart of summer, just as February is the heart of winter) I was fortunate to be at the lake, with Carrie and Olivia joining me for two weeks in the middle. (Leaving a solitary “reading week” on each side—hurray!) Nearly every day, five-year-old Olivia and I liked to venture out on the lake in our small electric boat, or in my sleek rowboat, and we often stopped at that little island. While pulling the boat up on the rocky shore, I showed Olivia the parallel grooves in the rock’s surface that had been left by glaciers. I explained how the tremendous mass of ice had dragged stones along and gouged out those grooves as the glacier retreated, at a speed of maybe an inch a year. Then I pointed upward as I told her the ice was once about two miles high above us..."
Later, Neil revealed that he was contacted about doing an interview with Banger Films (makers of the Beyond the Lighted Stage documentary):
"...They were making a show about one of the Guys at Work, Geddy, and wanted to talk to me..."
Neil decides the best place for the interview to take place would be at the band's old stomping grounds - Le Studio. He then speaks in length about the interview process and how the folks at Banger were trying to get him to spill some dirt about Geddy. This was a very interesting read, to be sure.

You can read the entire entry via this LINK.

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